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I cant download instalaltion files coz GOG tells there is nothing to download for Russian or Any other language. Only English version but in description in game page all this languiages still supported. And it last ~2 weeks alredy. What happening? Wish to play the game again but cant.

P.S. And yeah, Sir Lora DLC gone from download files too. Even on English version.
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Have a look at for how to change the language of the game manually. Change "English" into "Russian" to switch the game to Russian. I don't know why GOG removed the tool to change the language. Please file a support request. The more requests they received, the sooner they will hopefully add it back.

Regarding the downloads of the offline installer files themselves: I see them all regardless of which language I put the GOG interface in (also in Russian). I also still see the Sir Lora DLC at the bottom of the list of downloadable files. Note that the files are identical regardless of what language you set for the website. They always contain all supported languages.
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