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I installed the game manually with the version o f the files, then I realized the patches actually available on GOG do not match this version...

I tried to synchronize the installation via Galaxy but download doesn't start, and when I abort it, it shows me "unknown version" of the game.

Anything I can do ?

Thank you ! :)
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Well, first, if you installed the game manually you shouldn't need the Galaxy client to run the game, so you could perhaps just run the game by making a shortcut to the .exe. In some ways that might be best since the most recent patch does more harm than good and you might want to wait for Larian to fix their patch with a subsequent patch patch >.>

If you really want the most recent version, though, you should be able to go to your account page and download the patch manually. Once you have done so, just run the patch file executable* and it should automatically apply itself.

*I mean the patch file itself, not the game executable. I think I worded that badly. Sorry.
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Hi Puppy,

Thank you for your answer :) to be clearer, I must say that I actually do not need to launch the game via Galaxy, indeed.

I downloaded every patch available online at the moment, but I found no compatible version with the game's version.

I have this on my HDD :

- setup DOS2 (installer ; 7 files)
- patch DOS2 hotfix to (3 files)
- patch DOS2 3.0.146559 to (1 file)
- patch DOS2 to hotfix

So I think I have one or more step(s) missing to patch the game from version to or higher. Am I right ?

The only reason I do not use Galaxy is that at home, we have a very slow connection to the Web, so I prefer to download those huge files at work where I have a very fast connection :D

If this is not possible, well, nevermind, I'll let my PC awake one night or two.

Thank you again for your answer !
Regrettably, I do not have the game on GOG, but rather Steam, so I cannot check for you. But generally, you should be able to use the patch files even if the number isn't an exact match.

Of course check and see if there is a patch or hotfix to get you from 142.271 --> 143.909 but if you can find nothing in your account tab, then just use the lowest version number you can find for a full patch (not a hotfix) and run that. It *should* work. 143.909 was a hotfix, so it is possible that it was rolled into the 142.271 version without updating the version number.

Regardless, there are a few game-breaking bugs in the most recent version. If you plan to play a lot in a short period of time, it may be better to play a while on an older version and not update until the next update, after 146.969.
Unfortunately, I tried installing all existing patches but none seems to work ("the version doesn't match" or else, cannot remember).

The best way seems to download the latest full installer, uninstall the game then re-install it with the latest version, according an advice I got on another forum.

Maybe it is not that urgent, indeed. I'll wait a bit to get a stable version in some weeks, and play the game all this time.

Thank you for your answer, Puppy !
Someone at GOG decided that it was a good idea to not make anything but the latest few patches available for download, and instead require anyone who missed the earlier patches to download the entire installer again. Fortunately one of the commenters in this thread uploaded the patches to a Dropbox account so you can download them from there.

Also, there have been issues with the two patches after 559 breaking some installations of the game (I've been working with support for nearly a week after the patches caused the game to crash at launch, and even a clean re-install of the game wouldn't fix it). So I'd recommend stopping at 559 for now and not installing either the 814 or 969 patches at this time.
I think it is irresponsible of gog to force customers to download patches using 3rd party uploads.
@ DarrkPhoenix : thank you ! So it would be wise update only to

I'll try this :)
It's absolutely amazing to me that we're having to turn to a forum user -- a third party -- to download the content we need to patch our games that we paid for through this service.

I, for one, did reach out to support to complain and insist that they put up the patch history that brings a user from first release to present, like any normal publisher.

In any case -- THANK YOU for sharing that link, and to the person who uploaded the patches.

Absolutely amazing.