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I have read many forum threads and wikipedia pages that contradict each other on the topic of how does Warfare's 5% bonus to physical damage actually work, and frankly it is all rather outdated and confusing.

Some say it is similar as, for example, how Strength gives 5% bonus to relevant weapon/skill damage.

Others say that the Warfare's 5% bonus is actually different and ends up being much more valuable than other damage bonuses because it increases total damage instead of some base damage.

Often people claim that Warfare is so powerful that it is better to invest all possible points into Warfare to greatly increase damage instead of investing points into abilities such as Dual Wielding or Huntsman or Scoundrel (aside from a couple to unlock relevant skills).

Can anyone that has factually accurate and true information about Warfare please explain how it works (in the latest version of DOS2 Definitive Edition)?

Also as far as Dual Wielding weapons goes do abilities (like Warfare) use only one of the weapons to calculate ability damage - or do they add weapon damage from both weapons and then base ability damage from that?

And if i add poison damage from an ability or enchantment to my weapon, will the weapon-damage scaling abilities also take into account that added damage?

Thank you for reading and helping out a beginner :)
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I played DoS2 a few weeks after the no "new Infos"..but...

I.The different opions are based on the changes of Warefare over the development(including afterrelease).
As far as i remember it had at least three really different ways to work over the %bonus scalling with the weapon, as a %final bonus for the physical damage and there was even somthing with a flat bonus

II.From my experience the ingame infos/tooltipps are correct, so just use the infos the game gives you

III.After you escaped you get a respec-tool that allows you unlimited respecs for free, just try it out, don't limit yourself with guides, testing&tweaking your builds&partycomposition is a important part of the game.

Have Fun ;)
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