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since the translation of DOS 2 doesn't seem to be perfect, I thought creating a topic for all the missing strings would be a good idea. If you findn any, you can report it here. Hopefully the devs see this and fix it. Please clearly name your language though.

I'll make the start:
- The subtitles of the origin story of Sebille are only partial translated. /German.
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The translations are not finished, all are beta versions and will be complete and released next Thursday (21th of September) Maybe it will be a good idea to do all this work if, after translations are out, you still find missing strings or other problems.
Yeah I just read that this are the beta translations, but the devs put them out there due to the demand of the fans. Cool move! I'm curious if all things get fixed. If not I'll post whats left to get translated here.
Now that the big update is out, we could start listup missing translations.
As far as I saw almost everything got translated, so that's a plus.
What is missing is:

- After a lvl up, your character sheet shows that there a points to spend. This still shows up in English "Avaliable 2" instead of (for me) German "Verfügbar 2" above your stats as example. /GERMAN

- After you beat the arena in Fort Joy, and talk to Nebora, she says:
"Es bedeutetalles. Der Eine steht über allen anderen" - There is a space missing. Correctly it should be:
"Es bedeutet alles. Der Eine steht über allen anderen." Just a small one, but whatever. /GERMAN
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