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The game is balanced, and there is nothing too hard even at the the last but one difficulty. I am sure you might find it boring and too easy on lesser levels of difficulty though.
I've played some games but I'm still a beginner. I find the landscape confusing--I can't see where I'm going. I find the combat confusing--too many flashes and I can't find the enemy. I find the story confusing. I want a manual which explains how to do everything because i can't think outside the box. I want sijmplicity. I don'r want to play 500 hours.

Yes, I like games; my favorite is running through the grass and hills in Oblivion, ignoring thr story. Each to his own . . ..

P. S. How about more light contrast on this screen? I find the type confusing.
I fully agree with first post.

This game simply sucks, because the game is cheating all the times. I am playing on hard level (not the highest difficulty) + tactician mode.

There is not any fight where would not be any bug or a cheat used by game. Typically fighter has 65% probability to hit - it happens regularly that out of seven tries no hit is done - it could be happening with chance 0.064%, unfortunately this is common.

On the same level NPC has 1.5-5 more hitpoints/ phy armour / mag armour -> on level 5 my fighter has 160 /40 /20 whereas common ranger (not fighter) has 200 /100 /100. Of course they have skills which are not available to you. Moreover they are doing damage which implies that their stats are usually 2-4 levels higher with equipment which is not available to you. Amour 100 belongs to level 7-8. Once NPC dies it leaves no equipment because it has disappeared. NPC even one or 2 levels below you they have better stats than you.

I bought a game few days ago, so I thought that it would not be so buggy. But you can walk through the door without any problem. You cannot block path up NPC simply walks through you. You can throw barrel on someone as game claims that place is occupied. NPC can shoot you from a place below but you can shoot back because it is not in line of sight etc. etc. etc.

And what is the best on this game? That you are not allowed to lower difficulty :)

Larian sucks as this game does. I have finished Divinity 1 and 2, Divinity Ego Draconis and DD 1. But I think that this game I will let go. It time to play Kingdom Come.
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So this is the new "Dark Souls" is what you are saying?
I never played Part 2 yet, but I played Part 1 all the way through on Tactician difficulty (which is the hardest setting, except for another version of the same difficulty mode that only gives you one saved game and automatically deletes it if you die).

I found DOS 1: EE on Tactician to be brutally hard for the first 15 or so levels (the characters max out between levels 20-23, presuming the player doesn't exploit an infinite XP glitch).

The reason I chose Tactician difficulty instead of "Classic"/Normal mode is because for 99% of games released in approximately the past 15 years, "Normal mode" actually equates to "Very Easy" mode. That's a huge flaw in the industry.

I'm glad that the DOS series is returning "Normal difficulty" back to where it should be, which is challenging as opposed to cakewalk that anyone can do without effort. I hope they keep skewing all of their future games to the Hard side, because it's way better to have a game that is too hard than one that is too easy. If a game has little to no challenge, then there's no point to play it: instead, one might as well just watch "Let's Play" videos of it on youtube.
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