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1. Change Character-Order (floating Portrait)
Quite often when i want to change the Party-Order by click-move the Portrait, it does not work properly.
Instead, the character gets a "Goto-Click" and starts moving, while the Portrait is unchained and i can move it like a mouse-hover-effect.
So i can give the character a "Goto-Click" and when i return my mouse over the Party-Area, the portrait is still unchaind and bound to the mouse.
I can move it just by moving the mouse, when i click the Portrait drops into place

2. Click on Hotbar Item -> Item is removed from Hotbar (if Unlocked)
Occasionally when i click on an hotbar-item (while Hotbar is unlocked) the item is removed instead of executed.
I have the feeling that this happens when my aiming isnt perfect and i click rather the Item-border-area instead of the Item