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I am playing my first Legends-setup imo and the Shrakturi showed up a few month before.
They are still in cover and slowly building up and now i got the message that they build the bioengineering-Wonder, the one that allow to breed Kaltor and using bioweapons.
Acording to the Datacores i found while exploring this was the weapon that stopped them the last time.

I couldn't and can't steal the tech to build it myself, facility's can't be sabotaged... this a bug are is the only choice to destroy them directly after they appear or being erased by diease?

My hope was a big final fight,, i even stopped colonising after they appeared because i allready was at 78%.
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I just tried it out and even after revealing themselves they don't use Kaltor's or bioweapons.
It seems they only build it to stop others from using it and for the boni the building offers.