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well title says it all...and to avoid the bugs you have to play the pirate like a normal empire because
-boarding shuttles are lost forever if the ship is destroyed before they arrive, they float in the space until the universe burns out or you refit the ship
-smuggling contracts can't be controlled and don't pay attention at your needs, so they empty your store, the base/planet orders stuff and your smugglers sell it again...losing money with every unit
-plantes controlled via crime influence cost money instead of gaining
-scrapping, disasembling captured ships costs money instead of gaining
and so on....since most bugs are known since 2014 i fear no patch will come, maybe there's a
mod to fix it but i didn't found one.

Seems the pirate adon was a fire&forget
- the bacon mod seems to fix the boarding bug, although I haven't encountered it yet as the distance is very short and your ships stop shooting. The weak targets usually died before the pods were even launched.

- Smuggling: right, that's why you only smuggle specific ressources you have a surplus of ...

- As soon as you take over a planet with the "criminal network" you are a legitimate "planet owner" and the pirate facilities now steal from you. Better scrap the pirate facilities or stay nomadic.

I found another one: You can bypass all of the criminal network hassle if you have the "colonization" research (either stolen, raided or researched) and order the colony ship via the Expansion planner (F3). You also need some control of a planet, say e.g. with a race for continental worlds. You can then colonize continental planets and the ship is build at the controled planet. You only pay the credits, no ressources. It's a bug, because they blocked any other way to purchase a colony ship.
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DF1871: well title says it all...

Seems the pirate adon was a fire&forget
Was this problem ever fixed?