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As the previous MediaFire link seems to be dead, I've zipped and uploaded all the scenarios and their readmes from the wayback site.

Here they are:
Thank you! I think these sorts of things add more value to a game than the folders of artwork, fan fiction comics, dev team interviews and the like that are included as extras with many of these titles.
You can get some user add-ons here, as well:
The address in the OP does not work anymore.
For Disciples 2
For Disciples 1 you can find yourself, just use the link from fisrt post. But for first Disciples most scenarios not downloaded from Web.Archive. Strategy First have few different urls for downloading - must do manually search each

Strange... first i opy link from steam with steamlink filter. GOG skip steamcommunity domen. OK. But why it happened also for web.archive? It work early.
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Sadly, NONE of the links above seem to work.
My link is work - just forum bug. Copy url to addressbar.