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Hello fellow mariner
You may or may not have encoutered that really annoying bug (well you probabily did because that one is really common)
this is it, you're comming back from a long journey, your holds full of trerasure, you take direction to the marchand counter
select tat pile for loot and sell the entire pile because yopu have several pile of the exact same loot.
you see yourself credited and the merchant uncredited.
but the prompt about how much to sell doesn't disapear and the loot still in YOUR inventory.
you can sell the same loot till the merchant as no more money.

problem. your holds would still full until you find a stash crate.

another problem is :
your savegame would be corrupted and for you to finally be left with your holds empty (except for key and forge items)
plus your wallet down to 2000 credits.or maybe, the last amount you had last time you loaded that savegame.

be happy fellow mariner I, psycho did sufferd to test it out as much as possible and give you ways to circonvolate that problem until devs get it fixed.

first of all :
----Rigth after starting a new gmae, make a manual save with another name and not just name_copy
and delete the first save (this one is saved with another version number, even the game warns you about how it could badly turn to load that one)
----When you dock, make a manual save don't rely on the automatic save.
----When selling never sell the entire stack, always remove one, the left one will get automatically added to incomplete stashes
---- MAPS, for maps you have to start by selling one to the merchant, then you can sell the rest of you stash.

Voilà, this is all I can say to help get past that annoying one.

Now for the devs
this bug, isn't a selling function bug.
It's a cobination of an inventory and a save bug (the inventory may create the saving by an undesired/unchecked index increment)

the sell work correctly, the merchant give you money
what doesn't happen is the inventory not providing the correct object to transfert to merchant inventory.
the question would be : "then why don't saves at least keeps the money"
- maybe money is part of player inventory.
it also can be caused by the unity engine savegames plugin.