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Just pointing out a weird bug and the... dubious thing that happened after. Otto's partner died, maybe while he was in stasis, forgot who it was to know for sure, once I broke him out of it it correctly displayed dead! for partner, then as I rushed to grab everything and move I also grabbed the caps of the diggles who had died while moving, which included two men who died shortly before the move was completed, being broken from stasis when way past maximum age. Henry was one of them. And after the cutscene, Otto apparently partnered up with Henry's cap. (Henry also being male, mind you.) Which cap was held by another diggle, mind you. And once I made a tombstone for Henry and that cap was no longer in the game, he immediately ended up partnered with the first newborn (at least female) in the new world, who had quite literally just switched from baby to adult, while he's close to maximum age, soon to die.
Odd guy :))
henryscap.jpg (328 Kb)
evi.jpg (245 Kb)
perfect world. everyone can have relations with anyyone. :p