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When i enter the cutscene where you find the old wiggle fortress, the cutscene plays, then the screen shakes and i get a blackscreen, and judging by the sounds of it the game does keep playing, it's just an eternal blackscreen for me.

Save file: (cannot post links, so i had to fudge it a little)

(Fausto is jsut in front of it, just move him more to the left to trigger the cutscene)

i have no mods installed, nothing changed, this is a clean installation.
tried different settings, different resolutions, different compatibility modes, nothing works.

glad for any help


Playing the game on 1200x800 makes it so that after the cutscene the UI stays there, but the screen is black. apparently stuff is still there and interactable, just everything is black


Letting it run for a few hours also doesn't change anything, so it's not really loading what it's supposed to be loading i guess?
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