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Has anyone else noticed that the aspect ratio of the opening cinematic appears to be fine (and full screen, for that matter), but that the actual gameplay sections are stretched to the width of your screen? If I force the aspect ratio via my Nvidia driver software, the gameplay then has the correct aspect ratio (with black bars on the left and right), but the cinematics are then squished to be too narrow (also with black bars on the left and right).

Is there a way to get both parts of the game working so that they look good at the same time?


Edit: Just to add some more notes, in the opening cinematic, the shape of the moon looks correctly round with the default scumm vm configuration, but the gameplay cursor cross is wider than it is tall. If I force aspect ratio correction in my Nvidia driver software, though, the moon then looks squished, but the cursor looks the same height as it is wide.
Post edited March 29, 2016 by Dare_Wreck
Well, upon further review of the opening cinematic, I think the moon is supposed to actually look a bit squished. The rest of the intro animation looks a bit too wide when the moon looks spherical. When I have my display driver set up to put crop the game's image with black bars on the left and right, the second scene of The Dig's opening looks fine. Specifically, the grid on the in-game computer screen inside the research station looks perfectly square when I have the game's image cropped as it probably should be.

For reference, after correctly the aspect ratio via my display driver, the opening cinematic looks exactly like the top two videos on YouTube for "The Dig Intro" now (GOG won't let me post external links yet, otherwise I'd directly link one of them here).