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When I first heard bout this game, I thought it might be pretty awesome. Realistic swordplay using your mouse or joystick, damn I'm gonna love it! Unfortuneately at that time I didn't have a PC that would fit its requirements so I didn't get my chance to try it out. Well some time had passed and now brought it to me. Without much thought I got it and started playing. First impression... Damn it's hard. Single player mode makes you chop and slice your way through dozens of enemies like kobolds, ogres, even flying scimitars. The story isn't bad, it has a few funny moments and altogether makes some sense. In a few areas there are very annoying platformer-style moments and a few riddles which might make you throw your PC through the window. The game is rather difficult, but when you master the combat system it is very rewarding (flying hands, legs, heads :). If I had to rate only the single player mode I'd give it a 3 maybe a 3.5 but there is also multiplayer here called „Arena”. It ROCKS!!! Get some friends, choose your characters and tear each other apart with death-dealing toys like swords, axes, maces or even dead kobolds' hands still holding their weapons. At first you'll be shaking your weapon like a blind guy on drugs but when you get the hang of it... Bye bye limbs... This is a really good old game... There may be better ones but I still reccomend it.