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Playing with DBTS Xtended and not sure if the Extend Sword Arm function is working in Mouse VSIM mode. That function seems to work in Keyboard VSIM mode, but i'm not noticing any change in Mouse VSIM mode pressing the key and i've tried reassigning the Extend Sword Arm function to other keys. Anyone know it it's automatic in Mouse VSIM mode and i'm just not noticing it or something or how to fix it? Playing on Windows 10 64 bit by the way.

Also, zoom in and out in first person look mode (F and R key) doesn't work playing in DBTS Xtended either.

Edit: Appears that Extend Sword Arm works automatically in Mouse VSIM mode and is based on how fast you swing with the mouse, so that's solved. Now if I could figure out why zooming in Scout Mode view doesn't work in DBTS Xtended.
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