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I don't know if this happens with the original game, as I never owned it, but my problem is that I have DbtS + LfL installed to C:Games, and every time I close the game I notice that there are two new files on my C: drive, named rand_log.txt and safe_rand_log0.txt.
All they seem to contain is frame debug stuff, I'm just posting this to find out if there's a way to stop it from happening, and also to find out if it happens with the original game. Anyone?
Post edited September 12, 2008 by Oz1571
This question / problem has been solved by Iraitoimage
Is normal i remember this stuff, in the 1998,the game created the same TXT file,isn't a bad thing only a debug summary.
Alright, I guess it's not a bug with the gog-release then. Thank you! :)
I'm glad this post exists when you search for 'rand_log.txt' as I noticed it a day after playing and had no idea where it had come from!