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DBTS is a very fun game sporting a rather unique method of fighting! The player can simply play using the keyboard and numpad keys to perform several pre-recorded swings and chops or (more interestingly) he or she can make use of the VSIM controls.
This basically means you can use either the mouse or joystick to "guide" your sword through the air. You can also opt to still use the keypad but instead of three or so different moves you can now chop in any direct depending on the keypad number you choose (logically the "7" key will do a high cut to the left while a "3" will do a low right swing).
Playing with the mouse to guide your swordarm is crazy fun WHEN it goes smoothly! Sometimes the challenge of having to strategically move your Warrior useing the WSAD keys whilst making sure you aren't just slicing up thin air can prove very difficuly, especially while fighting multiple bad guys that can be pretty unrelenting in their attacks!
The story is pretty standard; Kobolds and Orcs hijack your pretty girlfriend during a romantic campfire soiree and it is your job to go and get her back (preferably eviscerating as many bad guys on the way as possible). Aside from the main quests you can also fight in several special Arena's (online or offline). This is especially fun since it offers quick gratification plus you can choose whatever character you want to play (so you can finally play an Ogre that clubs a little kobold ten miles into the air!).
One of my personal favorites is a small arena filled with vicious blades swinging from right to left. You can't help but giggle when your opponent accidently gets in the path of one of these blades and gets his Orcish head cut off!
All in all a very fun game (especially versus a friend that also struggles with the controls preferably ;-) ) as long as you can live with a steep learning curve (you'll run around like a mad man swinging your sword all over the place until you learn how to accurately slice & dice!)