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It seems that every time i open DBTS, Xpadder suddenly is ignored.
Like if DTBS blocked all background applications so the game could play. Is there a way to go over this? because Dual action joysticks + VSIM seems like a pretty enjoyable idea.
I also noticed that Alt+Tab do not seem to work.
I found a solution to the problem, Vista (64-bit) seems to freak out since DBTS requires to run in administrative mode or else it just crashes.
But Running in administrative mode seems to block everything that is not.
So i just turned Toggled Xpadder so i can run it as Admin too, worked perfectly.
But whatever, playing with a usb controller seems to work only in arcade mode. I tried mouse controlled ( by the nubs ) but it just acted weird.
So meh.
You're doing it wrong. I can't remember what I did exactly but I had a nice set up for DbtS using a VT Controller. I don't remember how but i think I had the game set up for Joystick VSIM or it was Mouse VSIM and I had the control stick set up so if I pressed up 100%, then mouse was moved 100% to the top of the screen or if it was moved down 50%, mouse moved down my screen 50% if that makes sense. Mouse position on the screen was relative to postion of the control stick.