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I hope they don't take feedback into account with D4. Look at what happened to Heroes of Might & Magic series after the devs listened to too much feedback. You have to offer things, then adjust according to what is liked more or less.
I pre-ordered D2 remastered. I wasn't ever interested in Warcraft 3, so I didn't care what they did to that game I was a C&C player over a Warcraft 2+ player. Diablo though, I bought in a flash. Even if all the bugs are there, it is still a good game, better than most games today (ex. State of Decay 2) which are bug ridden cluster F's. Bethesda?? Do I need to even explain TES/FO games? Diablo at start had bugs but when compared to other games in today's world, it is almost perfect. :P
I have had zero interest in the diablo franchise since they made diablo 3 always-online and so I didn't buy it. Then they went mobile, I don't trust them even a little bit. I'm only even looking here out of curiosity to see how badly they screw diablo 4 and diablo 2 remastered up, because they will.