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Hi I'm a veteran from Diablo and I'm curently looking for players ( I speak english et je parle Français aussi)

I play hellfire with the patch from mordor 1.02 RC 07 ( wich fixes some animations/game bugs + hellfire mana shield bug
it makes the spell search effect permanent so you can always see items highlighted in the dungeon/mini map.

Some items qlvl have been fixed so they can drop (I think I saw 1 mistake in the changelog, I'll check Jarulf's guide and compare soon and write a private message to Mordor if he can fix those) for now all is kinda ok.

It's the best way to play IMO and how the game was supposed to be done. it's like a diablo/hellfire hybrid (hellfire is based on the 1.04 patch from Diablo wich had lots of bugs)

so Hellfire multiplayer works (IPX wrapper+Hamachi)

The game menu (before entering a game) has a slower cursor for that ''patch'' other than that the game runs better,

in the COMMAND.TXT from the patch, remove everything except, multiplayer/bard/barbarian. Theoquest just add a little girl and she gives the amulet instead of the monster in hive lvl 3 dropping it. for the cow quest it's an easter egg and the armor is kinda OP if you don't identify it for a sorcerer and well please don't do the quest, or do it alone for fun but don't take the armor.

I have a bard lvl 31 right now. I don't mind starting another character.

So if you want to learn some stuff, wants a better challenge and play Hellfire multiplayer (higher difficulty in multiplayer)

Just write back to me
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Greetings gentleman;
I hope not to be too late regarding your invitation, for I am genuinely interested by it.
Thus allow me to further introduce myself,

Unlike you I am fairly new to the franchise but nevertheless - or should I say evenmore - fascinated.
Just as you I'm able to communicate both in Shakespeare's and Hugo's respective languages. Thus, in sign of good faith, I shall finish this message writing in the latter one.
Comme indiqué ci-dessus, mon experience est pour ainsi dire proche du néant. Je suis tout à fait charmé par l'idée d'en apprendre plus en compagnie d'un tel vétéran, et je préférerais si l'on pouvait commencer du début.

Je pense qu'il vaudrait mieux que je m'abstienne d'écrire le plus possible, puisque si vous êtes intéressé il y aura plus ample discussion et le cas échéant j'aurais simplement perdu mon temps à élaborer ce qui n'en valait pas la peine.

Au plaisir de peut-être échanger davantage,
Votre fidele néophyte.
Il n'est pas trop tard!
j'avais partagé ceci sur Discord:

do play hellfire
you need ipx wrapper + a hacked hellfrui to play multi 1.01
I downloaded the patch from mordor 1.02 RC07 it fixes some bugs like the mana shield (1.04 diablo bug because hellfire is based on 1.04) and makes the search spell permanent so you can see blue squares and items highlighted in command.txt just play with barbarian,bard, and multi
if you need help I can do, if you wanna play with me you can either play with 1.01 or 1.02 RC 07 I have both versions but I strongly recommend 1.02 RC 07
Ipx wrapper here
Hacked hellfrui here: [url=[/url][/url[/url]] remove from command.txt cowquest;theoquest and NestArt (Nestart might be ok to keep, but might as well all have the same things)
1.02 RC 07 here:
Mod DB
Hellfire Enhanced, v1.02 RC 07 file
Hellfire Enhanced is a mod for Hellfire v1.01, which modernizes the game. It allows the game to be played on modern OS, fixes bugs of the game, activates multiplayer, gives UDP support for multiplayer. And that's it for now.

If you go straight with 1.02 RC 07 you don't need to download the hacked hellfrui it's included (+ the command txt) but ipx wrapper is required, ipx is better than UDP
I use hamachi to play
but if you use gameranger I will download it
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Fort bien, m'en voilà ravi.
I have downloaded the tools aforementionned, when could we settle an oppointment ?
Feel free to message me directly or to ask for anyrhing else.