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Occasionally, we add more content. This time we got 2 new music tracks added,
Nicely done. Both tracks fit in very seamlessly with the classic Diablo music.
Oh, that is great! I just downloaded the patch! :))

Hey, i am testing this mod, and looks great, but i just got to the Warlord of Blood... and he destroyed me, hehe. I would like to know if there is a place where i can check the colors (immunities and vulnerabilities) to know which kind of damage i need to do to him.

Thx a lot for the tips! and for the mod ofc!
the colors give you that info.
in this case, he is vulnerable to arcane damage (crimson square)

red - fire, blue - lightning, white - cold, yellow - acid

As Warlord is undead, he is also vulnerable to holy damage

If you are playing a melee character, it might be easier to go for a weapon with holy damage as physical attacks are met by Knights' thick armor that soaks flat amount of damage, plus as a boss, he also absorbs additional 50% damage.
Post edited February 05, 2020 by mordorxp