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Popolvuh_: Well, the root cause analysis has been made : the game is crashing on a basic functionnality of the game (taking the stairs). The root cause id that there is a bug in the code :)
Korell: That literally nobody else on these forums has even mentioned experiencing. That alone makes this suspect.

Go raise a ticket with GOG Support.
Exactly correct.
Hi All,

I'm experiencing the exact same problem. Game crashes when taking the stairs. Save file disappears.

Thoroughly enjoying the back and forth. :) Can't wait for the "your momma" jokes to start.
This seems to be a new issue... are you using the GOG version or a legacy version? If legacy this wouldn’t surprise me... windows10 compatibility has always been poor.

Ensure you have the appropriate version of direct X installed..

If all else fails try a fresh install...

If using legacy make sure to update to 1.09b.

If using GOG def. send in a ticket
Hmm I also had the game crash a few times (not many, though), and at least once was while taking the stairs (specifically, I was trying to come back from lvl 13 to town via the stairs). Maybe I was lucky but it never lost my character's save.

Anyway, considering how many times I've changed area, it certainly doesn't happen nearly as often on my system as it does on Popolvuh_'s

I suppose there could be some kind of specific (set of) condition(s) that can trigger a crash while changing level.