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GrandMoffVixen: Also, what is a standlock? I have never heard of such a thing.
Analogous to stunlock. Stunlock is when you are repeatedly stunned, with no time to recover and do a useful animation before the next stun animation is started. Standlock is analogous, but is when you keep getting forced into the standing animation, and it happens so frequently that you cannot make forward progress (running away, casting a spell, etc.). When this bug is triggered, you are killed and then immediately reset to a standing animation. This would interrupt your spellcasting, but would not be a stun animation.
Fender_178: I have always wondered how 200% damage was applied to a weapon like on a Windforce bow because I always thought that it was double the amount of damage but according to this guy's guide it is triple the amount. He gave an example of a weapon that gave 200% damage to demon based enemies.
Yes, that's what 200% more means: 3x. 100% more means 2x because it's the amount you have + the same amount (2x). 200% is the amount + 2x the amount (3x). Because anything times 1 is itself.

Edit: This obviously only works if you're adding to the amount. Someone saying I have 100% of something is not the same as saying I'm giving you 100% more of something. If that makes sense.

Edit edit: And now that read the rest of the thread I see someone else already explained this. So nevermind.

advowson: When a weapon says +50% damage, that means take the damage you would use, multiply by 0.5, and add the result back.
You can shorten this even more so instead of doing: Damage * 0.5 + Damage (what you said, I believe), you could just do: Damage * 1.5.
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A quick and direct question to you Diablo 1 / Hellfire experts:

1. If you play Hellfire in this new GOGcom package (released June 5th 2019 for bundled Hellfire + Diablo 1), did the Mana Shield Bug get fixed yet?

2. Noted that Hellfire is basically a fork of v1.04 patch of Diablo 1, so perhaps this Mana Shield bug had not been fixed in this package released June 5th 2019?

Nut: I remember Mana Shield being OP a.f., and according to this guide, it actually got nerfed in Hellfire in a weird way, where increasing the spell level also increases the damage taken.
advowson: Not exactly. According to the Diablo patch notes, prior to v1.07, Mana Shield in Diablo also had this problem.[1] Hellfire has it because it is a fork of Diablo v1.04, and the fix was not applied to Hellfire.
Hastur.: Mana Shield is EXTREMELY overpowered. If you combine it with the fact that if you have 30hp or less you don't get staggered when you get hit, well... :P
advowson: This is due to a design bug, and does not work exactly as you describe. Mana Shield does not redirect damage from life to mana. Combat still causes health loss as normal. Then, at the end of the turn, before the screen updates, the game notices that your character is protected by Mana Shield and refunds the lost health, charging you an appropriate amount of mana in return. That is a bit weird, but it probably seemed like a good idea at the time. The alternative would have been to modify every site that deals health damage to use a helper function to deal health/mana loss directly. The big problem is that the health-then-refund model breaks down when dealing with other special status effects. If your character takes damage greater or equal to character level, then you are stunned. However, if you take damage greater or equal to your current health, you are killed. Due to the implementation of Mana Shield, if you take fatal health loss, but have sufficient mana to cover the damage, then you should not actually die. Mana Shield satisfies this requirement by canceling your death state and putting you back in Stand state (instead of whatever state you would have had if the game had not declared you dead). If you were supposed to be in Stand state, you won't really notice a difference. If you were supposed to be in any other state, such as stunned, then you are in the wrong state after Mana Shield prevents your death. This leads to several exploits, all from the same bug:
- A character with health less than level can never be stunned. Damage less than level would not stun due to the normal rules. Damage greater or equal to level would kill the character instead of stunning him, then Mana Shield would cancel his death.
-- More generally, a character with current health less than the minimum damage of the attacking monster cannot be stunned, even if current health exceeds character level.
- A character cannot be knocked backward by an attack that deals fatal health damage.
- A character hit by simultaneous attacks may die from an early attack and ignore later ones.
GrandMoffVixen: This actually isn't true. I was playing on Hell difficulty with a sorcerer this morning and monsters were stun locking me, even with mana shield active.
advowson: Are you sure it was a stunlock and not a standlock? How much current health did you have?

[1] section "Medium bugs (affecting gameplay)" states:
- Fixed the bug that caused Mana Shield to become less effective with increasing spell level.
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GOG did not fix any of the well known gameplay bugs in Diablo for their Diablo release, and I've seen multiple posts here asserting that they lack the access required to do so. I haven't seen similar statements about Hellfire, but I'd be surprised if they were able to fix it when they were not able to fix Diablo.
GL1zdA: For those, who would like to play Diablo a little more and know all it's ins and outs, I can recommend Jarulf's Guide to Diablo and Hellfire:

It's a very comprehensive guide with descriptions and stats of all skills, items, drop rates, monsters. It contains descriptions of all the quests. It even analyzes AI patterns of all monsters.
Ah, the good, ol' "Jarulf's Guide"...! :)

Whoever created that, my biggest respect to her/him!

I remember, when I first printed it, and read the pages one by one, before I fell asleep in the nights... So many times I went through its details. And each time I did feel as if I was in the middle of the adventure, deep under the Cathedral of Tristram... :)

For sure, this is the "Alpha & Omega" for all those wish to learn some "extras" about this classic and legendary PC game; "Diablo".
Piftuka: Whoever created that, my biggest respect to her/him!
That would be the user who played under the handle Jarulf (among other handles). A name, which I think is the real name of the creator, is given on the front page of the PDF.
advowson: That would be the user who played under the handle Jarulf (among other handles). A name, which I think is the real name of the creator, is given on the front page of the PDF.
Hmmm.... I always thought that "Jarulf" was a nickname of the person, who created the guide.

And actually I still think, that is not a valid, real name.
It looks reasonable to me. The e-mail address on page 1 points to a Swedish domain, so it's reasonable to assume that Jarulf lived in Sweden at the time of the writing, and may have been a native Swede. If so, then the validity of the name should be judged according to whether that is a reasonable name in Sweden, not whether it is a reasonable name in Germany, England, or the USA.
You guys play Diablo? or Diablo 2? Add me so we can play Diablo sometime, I am interested in getting the full multiplayer experience.