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Hello adventurer,

You want to play on Mac, but Diablo + Hellfire is only for Window? Well, with a little workaround, you will be playing this game in no time.
This guide is meant to help you play, and the first step is to install the game. I used the PlayonMac app, which I find easy, and doesn't need much skill to use, and doesn't take up much space.
When you have the app installed, you can continue with the guide.

First step is downloading the game using the 'Download offline Backup Game installers' option. Then you click on installer, (Open with Playonmac if necessary). Choose a name without weird symbols, like Diablo.
And install. And choose exit, not launch. Then wait for finish, and when it asks to browse files, just cancel and exit program.

The next step is to download the DevilutionX mod (This is a mod that is close to the original, but without bugs, and with improved graphics, and you can change a lot of things in in-game settings, and seamlessly change between diablo and hellfire. (Posts about it on this forum too)
You will find the files at github, under DevilutionX (Google it), and scroll down to "How to Install". Click on latest DevilutionX release, and scroll further down till you find this file:

Download and install, and move the DevilutionX folder to the desktop.

Next step is to move this Folder into where you installed Diablo. Enter Finder, use search, enter 'wineprefix', then click on Diablo - dos-devices - c: - Gog games - Diablo. When you have found it, drag the devilutionX folder from the desktop into the Diablo folder.

Last step before you can start the game. In the Diablo folder, there is a folder with the name "Hellfire". Copy or drag every .mpq file (four) from that folder to the Diablo folder.

And finally, to play, you will have to 'show content' in devilutionX, and click on the Unix-file in the Mac OS folder. Enjoy.

NB: You can probably make a shortcut of that file, but I just moved the folder to the Dock, and can open it easily from there. (Might be an easier way to play, but at least this works.)

I will post updates if I find any issues.

Massive shoutout to the creators of the mod. Massive thumbs up!

Take care, and have fun playing Diablo + Hellfire on Mac.

Post edited May 03, 2023 by Lakeere