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Rencol: So duping in hellfire doesnt work anymore. I read about different method, by creating a small stack of gold (1) having it in inventory, and when you pick up item, you click on the gold instead of potion in belt. It worked in video, on the same patch, but i didnt manage to make it work. Anyone found a solution?
Warsick: I tried the 1 gold in inventory trick with no free slots where you pick up 5k and it doesn't have enough room, resulting in 5k dropped on the ground instead of just the 1 excess gold, but it doesn't seem to work here either. I'm guessing GOG fixed all of the exploits and that we're forced to pick up tons of crap in order to make a little cash.

Before anyone starts complaining about cheating, this game has some issues that simply don't allow for certain purchases to be made. For example, on this most recent replay (which is probably my 50th without ever duping) as a Barbarian, Wirt is offering a Topaz Armor of the Moon for a hair under 12k gold. Now this would be incredibly useful for any lvl 6 character, but an amazing start for a Barb who has 0 magic.

Picking up and selling everything to include all of the books and scrolls I've found have me at about 10.5K, so the item simply teases me as I know it will disappear after I level up. I'm only a couple of mobs away from leveling and the role resetting, so it's annoying that such an item is dangled in front of my face and there is no hope of getting it unless the next three mobs drop two unidentified staves that will sell for over 750 gold each.

I love playing this game for how it's meant to be played, but I also think that the vendor randomization has been flawed since the beginning. We've all passed up on great loot because we couldn't afford it, but I would be more accepting of that fact if it was due to upkeep/repairs/recharges, poor money management, or that you had to choose between more than one great option -- not when there is NO possible hope of legitimately raising the money. I haven't done a single repair or purchase and am sad that I still am unable to grab an item that would be of great use.
You can duplicate all other items then gold, if you need gold dupe high valued item and sell..