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I just bought this version and am playing on I'm not sure if I'm actually online because there is nobody online in any chatroom and no games open to join. Does anybody actually play or am I not properly connected? I'd be surprised to find this game dead after only 2 months. Thanks for any help.

it seems that is quite empty, the lack of support and some bugs really crippled the online experience a lot, there are of course active players but it looks like more of them plays on non official servers, for example we are playing on BrutleNET
I been playing non Stop since GOG release, over 1000 hours already but mostly playing through Radmin VPN LAN. Damn i'm obsessed with Diablo since the GOG release, it's just like 1996 all over again.
I was able to help rally some of us into "Classic Games" channel with the help of a recent thread. Here's what I believe is the problem:

We are forced to give the entire world full access to our computer in order to create games [Open every port with No firewall and No security (All of it disabled)]. Hence wherein lies the problem: not many are willing to do this.
You can join games with firewall on and security on with the correct ports open.

I too am heavily addicted and spend every waking moment (away from work) playing D1. It's rich with dark horror and so pure in simplicity; what keeps me playing is the pursuit of absolute perfection.

I hated D3 from the second it went online. I beat Hardcore on Inferno with a Barbarian in the 1st month of it, then I went from level 1 to paragon 1000 in 2 months with a necro on xbox! 3 months and done? Forget D3. And now the ultimate betrayal of going mobile. D4 is going to be D3: mark my words.
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I would not even touch D3. I watched several runs and i just can't get into the Art and Design... it's just bad for me. Also, there is so much flashy colored stuff going all over the place that is super distracting. D2 was good, but not enough to dethrone D1 for me.

Anyway, i mostly plan on Radmin VPN LAN with a couple friends, i don't now how is doing these days, but back in 1996 it was horrible, people just crashing the game or killing you with hacks just for the lulz.
People playing Tchernobog (a Diablo HD Mod with TCP/IP Multiplayer Support).

Here's official Discord server when You can found players.

There's a section where You can connect to Zerio-Tier network LAN to play with others.

And the official site of Tchernobog by Noktis.

Mod is under development but highly playable.
I play online on battle net. It is indeed quite empty, the channel "beginners only" sometimes has some people, the channel "classic games" as well. But it is more rare now.

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