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Please reply to this thread here and hope it will get fixed by Blizzard

The "Diablo Retail En" channel, the default channel upon entering Battle Net on the Diablo 1 GOG client, is still bugged. It keeps placing players into a brand new instance of the channel whenever the old instance has a maximum of 2 players in it. So players that enter battle net are always placed into one of the empty or near empty instance of the channel (Diablo Retail En-1, Diablo Retail En-2, Diablo Retail En-3, etc...)

This bug makes new players think the game is dead and also makes it difficult to group up, re-group and socialize on Battle Net.
Post edited May 24, 2019 by Noobstorm
I think this is something that Blizzard would have to fix, there's nothing GOG can do about this, as far as I can tell.

Anyway, I always go straight to the "Town Square" channel, just like back in 1996.
I believe that GOG handles the global server but I could be wrong, would be nice if we could dump all incoming players into one channel rather than all of us getting our own dedicated channel.