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Okay so i set up diablo hellfire to play multiplayer and unlocked the other classes. so far its working but when i try to set up a lan game using ipx or modem it is unable to create game using them i was able to create using direct connect but to my knowledge you have to hard-line the comps together. anyone out there that might have a fix or an idea please message me or respond to this post
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you need ipx wrapper
Another option for local play is to use UDP instead of IPX. Diablo does not directly support UDP, but if you swap in the Storm.DLL and Standard.SNP from a sufficiently recent copy of Starcraft: Brood War, you should be presented with an option for UDP as a new option in the Diablo multiplayer menu. It will appear as the bottom-most element on the same menu where you are currently offered IPX.
Thanks guys I ended up messing around with stuff for a few hours and found some ipx wrapers that worked. Sorry for the late reply but was busy with lan party/work. =) Thnak you so much have all 6 classes and lan co-op currently working