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Anyone here ever encountered this? In the Docks area, the entire screen is mostly covered with water and there are no buildings. I can see doors and interactive objects and the guy by the boat but building graphics are missing. When I enter the buildings on the level I can only see enemies and turrets, no environments.

I've reloaded this level over and over and it doesn't change. It occurred to me it may be my graphics card but this is the only area in the game with a graphics problem for me.
Backup saves and try redownload and reinstall. Or if using Galaxy there should be some "integrity check" I guess.
Maybe installer got corrupted.
Post edited January 06, 2021 by ssling
Never mind, I just went ahead and focused on the interactable items and enemies to get through this area. Some stumbling about on black screens, but with enemies, items, ladders and cover areas being visible it wasn't too hard. Finished the game last night.