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I go through two areas which are dangerous, then I go into a third area and nothing shoots... I just glide to the end and make my choice.

Is this a bug or is it supposed to represent Keller recognizing the player?

If it's the later, the game should have the main character actually say something along those lines.
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I assume it's the latter. Because that happens after the big bad fight, doesn't it? So Dex won, and there's nothing in the system left to fight her.
I actually like that you don't get any prompting. The first time, I went through and blew things up as normal, but when I went back to see the other endings, I noticed that the turrets didn't turn to face me, didn't even fire back when I hit them and that the blocking lasers opened up to let me pass when I got close. I like to believe that it's intentional - Kether recognised me and was letting me in. After having realised that, I actually felt pretty bad about having destroyed everything on the first playthrough.

As for Dex not saying anything, I dunno. I suppose it's nice to see some things which are hinted at and left for the player to figure out on their own.