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I freshly installed Deus Ex for the first time on my PC and I have the problem, that the game won't play in 1440p without black bars on both sides while actually being 1600x1200. I tried the ini method with no success even with read only on the ini file. I changed the renderer from 3dx to d3d and in that it seems to render in 1440p but only windowed with only 2/3 of my monitor actually being covered. I can not maximize the window in any shape or form.

The reason why I don't want to play with Exes is the fact that I am kind of an achievement hunter. I want the GOTY version achievement unlocks, which naturally does not work with manually started .exe files.

I saw video in which people got the game to work in 1080p on Youtube (vanilla). Is there any resolution (no pun intended) to my problem?
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Alright...I found the solution myself. You can download the d3d 10 renderer from Kentie seperately without using an .exe file. With that in place I can change the resolution how I want.