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GMDX is really, really good. I would even recommend it to new players.
Should I just install the game and then the GMDX mod? Or Should I also install Kentie's Launcher?

This is my first playthrough.
Snowstone: This is my first playthrough.
Unwritten rule #1: first playthrough = always 100% vanilla
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I think Kentie's launcher and the DX10 renderer is already included in GMDX.
Honestly, I wouldn't reccomend vanilla anymore, you'll most likely end up frustrated by the clunky gameplay and ugly-ass graphics. I would go with GMDX for first playthrough, it stays true to the original but vastly improves the experience, especially for people used to modern games.
Are there any mods that re-balance the difficulty? I'm getting sick of constantly save scumming encounters to get favorable outcomes, taking time to line up headshots that, apparently, aren't headshots and guys running at me while nailing 9/10 shots they take at my head. On Easy.

Yes, yes, Pistol is Trained and Rifles are Advanced. I've modded the Assault Rifle to 95% accuracy but there's simply no ammo for me to use anymore. Every time I pick up ammo it's an extremely low amount; I pretty much run out of ammo every 2-3 encounters with small groups of enemies (after pickups). I don't recall ammo being an issue on my last playthrough over a year ago (before Revision came to GoG). I understand my aim is far from the best, possibly because I'm a lefty but I don't understand why the game would practically require constant heashots to be reasonable. I think I net the standard 30 from each "clip" pickup which isn't super common, but from enemies I only pick up 1 or 2 bullets. And despite 95% accuracy, apparently I'm somehow using too many bullets either from attempting to make "headshots" that, apparently, aren't headshots or from guys taking too many shots to kill because I'm aiming center of mass.

I don't understand why this game wants to force stealth constantly but it's pretty much a luck based mission without Ballistic Protection. I've even been insta-exploded by MJ12 Commandos in Paris despite having full health and Aggressive Defense System going. I don't think I'm playing the game in a completely ass-backwards way; I use stealth occasionally so long as it doesn't take 3 times as long, so I am mostly in the open. But with 1 or 2 enemies per group or them being in close there's not much in the way of issues. It's not like I need to use Regen to survive that encounter. Larger groups or the ones at distance are the problem, I think. Absurd accuracy, or they do too much damage and I do too little. Something like that anyway, and I don't feel that a sniper rifle or stealth should be the only answer to those situations. Pardon me to thinking "bionicman" should be able to handle a few soldiers.

And actually, on the stealth end of things, tranq darts take forever to take a guy down and too often the guy back peddles away from the stun prod as I start shocking them, so even when they stop and I catch up to them while it's still in the middle of a shock, it's a miss.

My previous (1st) playthrough was a year ago and I think I chose Medium for difficulty. The game was a pain in the ass to deal with then too but I brute forced through it because the plot is great. But at this point, every encounter is frustrating and I just don't care anymore if it's via a babby mod, I just want the game to play fairly. I want to enjoy the game but the complete opposite is what's happening.

I hear Shifter fixes bugs and such, allows swapping augmentations and dishes out extra exp; are there any other major game changes? Do the custom weapons replace normal pickups for example?

Currently playing vanilla using the recent version (1.112fm(Revision but my last playthrough was a year ago, (so on the 26611640 version from 3 years ago) and as I said, I don't recall having ammo conservation issues then.
I dunno man, I'd say you're doing it wrong. :-P though to be fair, vanilla gunplay is terrible (not much better in Revision), Missing headshots may also be a bug.
I highly recommend putting a silencer on the sniper rifle if you can find one. It will prevent the whole level becoming aware of your position if you take out 1 guy.

Try the GMDX mod. I finished it on hard ( there are 2 more levels above that) and while I died a fair number of times, constant save-scumming wasn't necessary.
I don't recall the Vanilla augs exactly, but in GMDX there are passive damage reduction augs that help a lot towards the end of the game.
Stealth can make things easier in some places, like when you need to steal the nano-sword code or whatever from the underground base in HK (camouflage aug helps massively here)
Groups of enemies are always a problem though, if you don't use explosives, the combat shotgun, or are able to line up quick headshots, you will likely die.
if anybody is interested theres a discord dedicated directly to the multiplayer of the original, 80+ members and growing, join us if you like

games, maps, mods etc
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Are you, guys, aware that it's possible now to install and play Deus Ex on Andorid?
I found this while looking for unofficial patches:

I had no idea that we've been playing Deus Ex with outdated maps the entire time!
So far I only own the Steam version of the game and I noticed that even after replacing the exe with some of those official (latest MP patch) or unofficial (DeusExe) patches the first line in intro (Your appointment to FEMA should be finalized within a week ...) is missing whenever I try to start it without Steam - otherwise the game is runnning fine. Now I am wondering if GOG version has the same probem and/or if there's any solution to fix it in my STeam version.
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There is also a DirectX 11 renderer available:

As it works better for me than the DX10 renderer (less stuttering), I thought I'd mention it. But you must limit the frame rate or everything will be too fast.

It might also help to increase the value for CacheSizeMegs in the ini (it goes up to 512 for me).
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I'll second the idea of playing Deus Ex with the GMDX mod for a first playthrough. Sure it makes a few changes but it is such an overall improvement on the vanilla. I wish it made further changes to be honest, especially regarding weapon mods and aiming. GMDX so far has to be my no.1 mod. It keeps an old game up to date, enjoyable, while preserving everything that made it great.

I wish many other aging games had their equivalent of GMXX rather than either being ignored and forgotten or having their names used to launch largely unrelated succesors.
New player here.
Are there any relevant differences between the Steam GOTY version and the GOG one ?
Are those mods usable also with the Steam version of the game ?

In short, do I have to buy the game again on GOG ? :)
Nite01: Are there any relevant differences between the Steam GOTY version and the GOG one ?
It should be the same game.
In short, do I have to buy the game again on GOG ? :)
boct1584: Deus Ex: Human Renovation, by G-Flex, is an offshoot of Deus Ex v2.0.
Is this compatible with older save files, or do I need to start over?