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Hey Folks,

I'm trying to enjoy a more retro look while playing through DX for the umpteenth time.

I'd like to use the software engine but I am wondering if there's a way to eliminate the rendering issues such as the guns rendering inside out or clipping through hands entirely?
You can see with the handgun in particular, it's entirely inside-out and the magazine is visible through the HUD.

Also check out that crowbar!
I think it's glitch that's common in older 3D engines evenif you use OpenGL/DirectX/nGlide.
Because the viewport of your characters gets too close the polygons of the weapon if the weapon either disappears or looks glitchy a you describe.
I guess the only way to totally avoid seeing that would be use 3rd-person mode. Forgot how to do that. Think you have to type some command in the "t"/talk prompt or ass something in the config file.