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Hi all,

I just found that the very latest version of Deus Ex Revision (v1.6.0.0) does no longer update properly in the Galaxy 2.0 client ... i.e. no more unlocked achievements are shown, playtime and "last played" no longer updated etc.

anybody else having this issue?

I was able to reproduce by stepping back to Revision v1.5.0.0 which shows (at least most of the times) achievements and updates game statistics properly, but it does not allow to load newer savegames and also exits with an URL error message when loading the next mission; i.e. there seems some version incompatibility in the game files not even cleaned by a downgrade to an earlier version.

So, game would work, but it will neither update game stats nor unlocked achievements in Galaxy 2.0 anymore once you are on Revision

any feedback or help would be appreciated.

Rei Tung

P.S.: Of course I submitted the issue via the GOG bugtracker, but similar to the other 15 issues submitted before over the last 12 months or so, *ZERO* reaction to any one of them by the support team. It is well known that CD Project is seeing users as beta testers for their client since a long time, but I did not see any fixes to Galaxy 2.0 over the last months which were not related to the release of Cyberpunk only - frustrating.

P.P.S.: digging further, I found that the MOD Team released an update to Revision v1.6.1.0 on Dec. 25th, 2020 (2 months ago!); the patch notes claim a MISC bug with "GOG achievements" to be fixed ... however, GOG does not offer the update for download (yet, after two months *sigh*). Also not sure if the update would actually fix the issue with the achievements as well as starting to update game stats again, so let's wait for GOG ... maybe 2025?
Post edited February 21, 2021 by ReiTung