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I dug out my old joystick to play Descent 3 with and found that it's broken. I've been trying to play Descent 3 with the default Mouse/Keyboard and Keyboard controls but, they're awfully frustrating. I've found that the default binds are great for navigating but awful for actual combat.
Has anyone had any luck, or fun with any stickless setups? Is it possible to configure Descent 3 to use a dual analog gamepad?
If so, please try to describe what works best.
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As I never touched a console, I'm pretty used to keyboard and mouse.
Setting up WASD for forward/backward and strafe + mouse targeting works fine for me. :)
I always use the default keyboard (except I move the counter weapons like mines). Try learning to use the num pad to strafe at the same time as you use the arrow keys to move. I found this to be the fastest and most effective flying method, but to each his own. Sorry to hear about the busted joystick. Never a fun feeling to pull out hardware and find it doesn't work.
If you have nothing other than KB+M, here's a setup that'll make it feel more like a typical FPS:
ESDF: Move forward/back/left/right (Replace with WASD if you wish.)
W/R: Roll left/right (Replace with Q/E if using WASD.)
Space/Left Ctrl: Move up/down
Mouse: Pitch/yaw
Those are just the movement controls, of course-I can't remember all of the Descent 3 controls at the moment (there's many more than in Descent 1/2), but those are mostly controls you can set to taste.

How do I set the keyboard and mouse controls to play the same as the Descent 1 & 2? It has way to many choices and I just want to play.
Lacygeans: Hello,

How do I set the keyboard and mouse controls to play the same as the Descent 1 & 2? It has way to many choices and I just want to play.
When selecting your pilot you have the option to configure your input device. If you've already selected your profile just go down the menu to options and select config. That will take you right to the button customization screen. Use the tabs at the top of the screen to choose your desired device and go to town.

After looking at the ref. cards D3's layout is almost identical to D1&2 it just adds some commands to the layout.

Hope this helps
Here's the way I've been playing these games for 15 years:

W - forward
S - backward
A - strafe left
D - strafe right
Z - strafe up
X - strafe down
Up - pitch up/down (inverted or not)
Down - pitch down/up
Left - pitch left
Right - pitch right
Q - Yaw counter-clockwise
E - Yaw clockwise
L.ctrl - fire primary
Space - fire secondary
L.shift - Afterburner
F - flare
Tab - Map
1-0 - weapons