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Three contests in fact - added Anniversary Edition contest levels from 1996 (can't edit title).

Archived '96/'97 Interplay contest pages for your convinience:
Descent: Anniversary Edition Level Design Contest
Descent I and II Mission Building Contest
Descent II Level Design Contest

DOWNLOAD: Descent 1&2 Interplay level contests.7z
I figured there should be fair number of quality ones to make the whole thing worthwhile. I have tested and sorted them all. There are total of 403 levels (166 SP; 15 mixed; 222 MP). That's not counting multi-level HOGs.

I should note that this Anniversary Edition package is made to complement the one already uploaded on </span> (also found in this <span class="bold">[url=]post as "Extra Missions"). Both of these combined make a complete Anniversary Edition level pack released in 1996 (and then some). I did not include those levels here to avoid duplicates. Download both to have the complete package.
All the level links from the Anniversary Edition and Descent II Level Design contest archives are defunct now so I used to get them. Even so there are still about ~20 levels I couldn't get a hold of (10 from each contest).

Additional Info and Install instructions are in the ReadMe inside the archive.

I created this level collection for my own keeping but since it took a ton of time I feel like it would be a waste not to release it to the public. This, and the post mentioned previously should get you everything Descent 1&2 worthy to have.

If you spot a fluke I made somewhere, or find the missing levels, let me know by posting bellow.
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This is awesome!! Thanks for all your hard work!

Could you upload this to the DMDB as well so people can find it?

Also, would it be alright if I linked to this from my Definitive Collection thread?

Hej I'm back, sorry for the delay. Linkage is fine, I endorse the idea that all relevant things can be found in one place.

I liked the DMDB upload idea as well at first but I saw some problems. Decided to to it anyway since I guess it will be a one-time thing. I have split the archive into four pieces, one for each category that is allowed to be uploaded there (D1, D2, SP, MP). I have also removed the readme files since it's not exactly rocket science for the folks @DMDB I suppose. It's far better for me than separating them and adjusting for each category!
Uploaded D1 SP/MP levels but doing the same with D2 results in a MySql error messages (even though the initial upload report is flagged as success). I presume it's because all the level files inside of the archive are in subfolders (because they have to be) and their script can't read it? Sent them an e-Mail about it...

In the meantime I found some minor typos in the D2 levels readme in the main package in the 1st post so that one has been updated.
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Updated 1st post and the download link to reflect the inclusion of Anniversary Edition levels, released in 1996.

97 more levels: 65 SP and 32 MP.

Uploaded to DMDB as well.
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I've been going through old levels for wacky fun stuff to throw up for anarchy games. Thank you for compiling this and having it here. I wouldn't have thought to look on the DMDB for something like this, so it's nice that the Mediafire link still works lol.