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So I was playung the game up until the chat with Tony near the dolphins swimming pool. At one point she was tired of my dialogue options and game popped up a message "slain by dragon". Now the middle option was "new game" which sent me back to the tutorial with Bozo in the very beginning... aaaand. My save is gone! Game was auto saving so why would I need extra saves? I did not make them? How would I understand that my game progress will be completely ruined BY JUST A DIALOGUE OPTION?? Maybe you would somehow BRING TO MY ATTENTION THAT TEN HOURS I PUT INTO GAME WILL JUST FLUSH INTO THE TOILET BY ONE DIALOGUE OPTION????

I think the developers did this because of schadenfreude :D

But calm down, there are ways to get back to your progress:

First, Deponia regularly creates bookmarks. While inaccessible within the game, they can be found in the savegame folder:
%LocalAppData%\Daedalic Entertainment\Deponia2\savegames
Make a backup of that folder, find a bookmark with a modified time stamp before your progress was trashed and rename it to "savegame00.dat". If you have saved manually at some point, there already will be a file with that number. Then just pick another one, which is not taken.

The second and even easier option would be to visit the developer's website and look for a download of the adequate savegame (I guess it should be somewhere between savegame20 and savegame26):

Good luck!
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