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I don't know if it has been asked already, but this issue was quite apparent in the tutorial: most of the animations seem broken like the characters are badly cut against the background... could it be an option I've activated?
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To further illustrate the issue, here are a couple of screenshots, check around Rufus: (check under the feet) (check on the left side of the hero)

Parts of the screen move randomly to make those artefacts appear, that really doesn't look pro...

Is this a known bug?
Doesn't look normal. Never seen that before, probably not a very common issue. Could you try playing around with the settings in the Visionaire configuration tool a bit? It can be found in the installation folder. IIRC there are some settings like texture compression or so...
Hint: Go to your %LOCALAPPDATA%\Daedalic Entertainment\Deponia\ and kill Config.ini.

As i update from 2.03.1281 to (hu manys '3') i had the same Anim Gfx Glitches.
Startet the Version 2.0.3 no Anim GFx Glitches, startet Version 3.2.3 always GFX Glitches

So i delete the Config.ini und voila ,Deponia looks normal

Sorry for my bad English :)