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Deliver Us The Moon v1.4.2.19106
nvidia GeForce 460.89

Game crashes to desktop when entering the vehicle bay from the MPT control room, after powering up both vehicle bay energy stations in the MPT control. The crash happens in the moment the vehicle bay door commences to open...

I have the logfiles but this forum does allow uploading pictures only.

Crash can be prevented by launching with DirectX12 no RTX
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Hey Gorongor,

Unfortunately the error has surfaced in recent Nvidia drivers. This has affected other games too and we're relying on Nvidia to come up with a fix in a nearby future update. In the meantime, please follow the steps below:

1. Right click the game in your steam library, choose "Manage" and then "Browse local files".

2. In the explorer window search for "nvngx" and delete (or move to desktop as backup) the following files:
- nvngx_dlisp.dll
- nvngx_dlss.dll

3. Try to run the game again.

I hope this helps! Let us know if you encounter any issues.

- Developer
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