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Changelog for Halloween Update / GOG-2 (Windows and Mac) / GOG-3 (Linux) (added 31 October 2016):

- Cats are in. Evolutionary pressure in the apocalypse has caused them to revert back to something like a mountain lion. They're big and angry.
- Couple different ways to get cats recuirted to your team. They'll always be very rare, but we may add more ways to get them later.
- Special events for cats. Despair, car driving, and more.
- Cats don't give two poops about Canada or driving cars (pardon my French).
- Cats can't become Superdogs in the usual sense.
- Future support for more pet types. Currently in as failsafes, like if someone decides to try to make a pet mod.

- Losing a character in a CYOA event will now cause that character's weapons to drop into the trunk automatically!
- There are some events that will still eat cause you to lose your weapons, so beware. This mostly includes events where you're betrayed, or events where someone is completely obliterated off the face of the earth.
- Wielded weapon will drop to the trunk first. It will overwrite your trash slot if the trunk is completely full. If trunk is full, extra weapons will be lost.
- "No drop" weapons won't end up in the trunk. No getting L*NK's sword, for example.

- Halloween weirdness if you play the game tomorrow.
- Vampires like in the Twilight novels.
- Mummies? I don't know.
- Dancing skeletons.
- Death itself.
- Fancy new megaweapon.
- New graveyard location!
- New TERRIFYING trader in trader camps.
- New rare city building with the Would You Kindly stream team, based on the results of the Death Road to Canada pre-launch race that they utterly failed at.
- Some characters can float or even fly now.
- Improved broom type.

- New Scythe weapon, somewhere in between a machete and knight sword in the weapon tiers.
- Currently the scythe can be obtained a couple of ways in the existing farmer help event. We will add a couple more ways to get it in the next content update.

- Some NPC wandering behavior fixes.
- Starting food changed so that the Ultrafit food bonus finally works.
- Functionality added for checking if your current weapons could bash a door in, for events.
- Fixed a particle effect glitch.
- Greatly expanded the event handler for characters, allowing for fancier special abilities.
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Changelog for patch / GOG-? (Windows) / GOG-3 (Mac) / GOG-4 (Linux) (added 23 March 2017):

New Weapon Buyer feature added to the Trading Camps!

- Weapon Buyer buys weapons she considers valuable. She's picky!
- Minimum melee weapons: Roughly nightstick/sledgehammer/fire axe.
- Minimum firearms: Roughly Dolt 45/cowboy rifle/shotgun. No pistols.
- Gives about 20-25% market food value for your weapons, as a rule.
- Buyer looks at the inventory of whoever you're using to talk to her.
- Weapon Buyer shows up as often as the Gas Buyer does, but in different camps for the most part.
- Weapon Buyer shows up in the Final Trading Camp, always.
- Buying from the weapon buyer will update your food count so it counts as being in the trunk, letting you use the new food on other merchants.
- If you have no weapons she's interested in, she'll give a hint as to whether another character has something she wants, or if there's something in the trunk.

New Characters

- Common Trader: Polearm Pal. Sells Bardiche (25 food), Modern Spear (9 food), Stick Boot (6), Pitchfork (3)
- Rare Trader: Skeleton Knight. Sells Skull Hammer (25 food), Gladius (15), 5 Bomb Skulls (5 food).
- Rare Recruit: Ultimate Sports Fan.
- Skeleton Knight can also be recruited, technically.

New Weapons

- Modern Spear: Designed as a great single-target weapon for lower fitness/strength characters. Lighter than a baseball bat, while doing 50% more damage. Has the special half-fatigue trait, so it takes half the energy it should to stab things with it.
- Bardiche: A mix of Medieval Axe and Claymore. It's a cheaper endgame weapon, with the downside of it being really heavy.
- Stick Boot: The ultimate weapon????! No refunds.
- Poolcue Spear: A rare spear sometimes found near pool cues. Like a Modern Spear, but with a much higher chance to stab an extra target. Can break, but is as sturdy as a Cleaver.
- Sports Horn. More airhorn blasting than ever before, even the AI can use it. If wielding by the Ultimate Sports Fan, this will recharge at the start of each location.
- 1 Foam Hand: We're #1! The USF's secondary weapon.
- Skull Hammer: Like the Mega Maul, but better.
- Gladius: Similar to the Sturdy Machete, with higher cleave and damage and a little less weight.
- Bomb Skull: Beware the bomb skulls.

Misc Changes

- Shovel no longer breaks.
- Shotgun Peddler's shotgun price reduced from 10 -> 7
- Pubert and Puberto added to the name lists for male characters.
- Some new trader camp NPC sayings.
- Goat attack is now half-fatigue, instead of 0.1 fatigue (!)
- CHOOSE YOUR PALS WISELY tutorial guy is no longer seen by zombies until you talk to the person, like all other rescue recruits now.
- No more zombie spawning from the starting door in the tutorial (unless you wait for hours).
- Tweaks for iOS/touchscreen controls.
- Grammar/typo fixes.
- Various other bugfixes.
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Changelog for BRAINSTEM Update / (Windows, Linux and Mac) (added 21 April 2017):

- Passed out Bar rescue no longer picks weapons up when unconscious
- Alternate foodless method to wake up POBR, takes a bunch of time instead.
- Civilized now always starts with 1 morale, preventing cases where it started with 0 or -1. No more INSTANTLY LOSING a Civilized recruit.
- Less frequent NOT ENOUGH MED SUPPLIES blurbs
- OUT OF MEDS blurb lasts longer onscreen, same time as other med messages
- OOM blurb can happen again if you heal, if a day passes, or you load a save.
- Revamped CAR NUT now let you choose whether or not you want the new car if you recruit a CAR NUT after the game starts.
- CAR NUT start of game check moved to game-start.df rather than the perk definition itself.
- Added familiar-recruit-check for the CAR NUT choice and future things like it. We can move other things here if requested, so that a recruit properly only gives you things if recruited. Let us know in the comments.
- Group healing doctor and trainers now have LEAVE as the first, default choice. Temporary measure until we can add extra options.
- Strength trainer strength check event now moved to last option.
- Cars no longer run out of gas if they have 0 car-mpg. No more losing the alien car for it being out of gas, hopefully.
- Wizzle Stick now properly gets a weapon score bonus. Maybe this will make the wizard stop using baseball bats instead of his staff. Let me know!

Misc Fixes
- Fixed a needless extra dup with zombie summoning that lead to putting garbage on the memory stack.
- Put in a missing day-passed tracking for a CYOA camp option
- Cancelled LNK day
- Pronoun correction for bully-sprayit
- Corrected recruit-familiarreplace, before it was unused and familiar characters were using the normal recruit-replace
- Changed familiar camp recruits to also use the above
- Modern Spear is now named Tactical Spear, which is a much more tactical name.
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Changelog for update (added 19 June 2017):

New Unlock System

- Use the new Zombo Points to unlock new perks, traits, a special Gnome Trader, and passive bonuses! Keep reading to see full list of perks, traits, and bonuses.
- Earn ZP by surviving siege/gauntlet events. Earn more ZP by playing higher difficulty modes and beating the game.
- Old perk upgrade system now replaced by Zombo Point based upgrades.
- When starting the game, your old perk levels should be converted to the new system automatically, letting you keep your old levels.

Ending Changes

- Each character that survives to the end will now get a short epilogue, based on their personality, skills, and other factors.
- Some perks and traits have their own list of epilogue lines.
- Special characters tend to get their own special epilogues.
- Different endings now change the ending text.
- Beating normal, rare chars, or familiar chars will increase your ZP cap to 15.
- Beating Deadlier Road will increase your ZP cap to 20.
- If you've already beat them before the update, you should get these bonuses automatically on game start.

New Characters

- Sleepy Trader: A rare trader. Gain invaluable wisdom.
- Bort: Very hard to get recruit, summoned by special antique can ritual.
- Just Like Bart: Bort blossoms into this. The ultimate Bart.
- HENK/HONK/etc: Camp recruit. Can buy a new pistol from him, or recruit him along with an upgraded version of the pistol.
- Samedi: Camp recruit, has a skeletal army. Loves skeletons. Also gets Phoenix.
- Kaiju: Can you save the city from a giant monster?
- Nimbus Ordeal: Starts with a weapon that's even stronger than a claymore! This has multiple horrible catches.
- Battle Rodent: Is a super-intelligent pet that gets Shield of Hope for free, with decent strength and fitness. Is some kind of gerbil?
- Bogan: A new rare city recruit. Has Gnomish Healing Factor. 'Nuff said.

New Text Events

- Lost Sneezing Remedy event. Can you survive?
- Battle of Garbage Mountain event, trade your well-being for strength or fitness gains.
- GameBronus event, trade morale for a point in shooting, mechanical, or medical.
- Giant Spider Ambush event. Try eating it.
- Strange Vending Machine event, trade morale/your soul for a one choice in a list of randomized items.
- Rare Event: VHS tapes. Pick a movie to benefit the entire group.

New Perks

- Top Seller: Prevents morale loss when paying food tolls to bandits, and also provides a discount to these tolls. In addition, gives you more food when selling to the weapons buyer.
- Pathfinder: For people that hate walking. Drastically reduces the amount of walking penalty events you get.
- Hidden Potential: Either strength or fitness will be able to go one point over maximum. This is randomized, and hidden from you.
- Trademark Weapon: Start with an aluminum bat! Can't drop it, ever. This weapon will change if paired up with certain traits! Example: Warrior starts with a Fire Axe, instead!
- Natural Shot: Over maximum shooting, though doesn't actually start with a gun.
- Shield of Hope: You can't die. As long as you keep your morale up.
- TST*C: Massively over-the-maximum strength! Tiny, tiny fitness. Does NOT do cardio!

New Traits

- Travel Light: Only gets two carrying slots, but starts with a bonus dexterity point for faster runspeed.
- Specialist: Big BERSERKER!-esque bonuses to combat skills, but you only have one carrying slot!
- Grappler: Pick up fallen zombies! And also...
- Hero Type: If someone in the team would have died in a text event, this character will save them. Only works once per game, after which it converts to a max loyalty trait.
- Anime Fan: Has an overpowered unbreakable True Japanese Steel Katana. Warning: Do NOT hit max morale. Do NOT look at anime. Do NOT interact with the anime truck.
- Sound Sleeper: Does not get TIRED from events, ever.
- City Seeker: Finds rare city encounters three times as often as a normal character.
- Tiny Eater: Needs only 1 food per day instead of 2. Gets a -2 penalty to max strength and a -1 penalty to max fitness.
- Gourmand: Eats 3 food per day instead of 2. Gets 1 point of morale whenever they eat! Loses 1 more morale than normal if starving.
- Phoenix: Character will return from the dead, once, in a giant zombie-clearing explosion.

Tnomey, the Trader Gnome

- Shows up in every trading camp, and has different random item choices that all cost Zombo Points to buy!
- Can buy ONE thing from him per game, at which point he stops appearing for rest of game.
- Can be unlocked and upgraded via the Unlock Gnome in Zombo Town
- Tier 1 items (10 ZP): Supplies, and a random Normal Recruit event. No special characters.
- Tier 2 items (20 ZP): More supplies. Battle Rodents. Some simple ranged weapons or a grenade.
- Tier 3 items (30 ZP): Even more supplies. Random Special Character from the GOOD list. Sledgehammer or Fire Axe.
- Note: Read below for details on what constitutes the GOOD and BAD special character lists.
- Tnome's inventory changes if he's seen and you enter a new camp.

(continued in next post)
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Zombo Town

- INFO button replaced with UNLOCKS button, which leads to Zombo Town.
- Three new characters in the Perks and Traits hut, that sell unlocks and upgrades for the old and new perks and traits.
- Secret UNLOCK GNOME that sells passive upgrades. Signs of him show up after getting a couple unlocks.
- Data Clearer character added
- Tutorial Replay character added
- BUILD INFO character added
- Build Info robot also gives directions
- Stats character added
- Support for changing Zombo Town as unlocks are purchased

New Player-Usable Weapons

- Sturdy Cleaver added, for some Trademark Weapon trait combos
- Ded9 added, sold by HONK. As strong as the Dolt revolver, fires as fast as the pistol. Carries 80 ammo instead of the dolt's 60 or pistol's 90.

New Special Character Only Weapons

- Modded Ded9: Very accurate, tiny recoil. Dolt strength zombie piercing, and fires slightly faster than the pistol! Carries 120 ammo.
- Skateboard: Dont have cow man
- Guster Sword: Like a claymore, but hits even harder. Is also 25% slower.

Passive Unlocks from Unomey the Unlock Gnome

- Series of upgrades that increase your Zombo Point maximum capacity. The first two can be gained for free by beating the game up to Deadlier Road mode.
- Series of upgrades that give you bonus ZP for performing different actions: Rescuing people/dogs, selling to a weapons buyer, recruiting new allies. The final upgrade gives you 1 ZP whenever an ally dies (!!!)
- Toilet Upgrades. Lots of toilet upgrades. The first two levels double the gas and then bullet amounts from toilets.
- Level III Toilet Upgrade lets toilets sometimes contain a weapon or skeleton, introduces new loot types, and raises the toilet loot chance to 30% up from 20%
- Level IV Toilets make Toilet Genies show up every 50 toilets, instead of every 100.
- Unlocked the Trader Gnome, then sells upgrades to increase the things that Tnomey sells.
- Support for adding more to Unlock Gnome in future

UI and System Changes

- Perk and Trait info may now be shown in a text event, used for the trait/perk sellers in Zombo Town.
- Perks and Traits may now be locked/unlocked
- Perks now have more specific unlock tracking
- New page scrolling effect for the perks and traits pages
- Currently selected perk/trait is now highlighted in green
- Fixed a bug on the trait page with the scrolling being off by one
- Made keyboard cursor navigation smoother for perk/trait pages
- NEXT LEVEL indicator now says what the perk will do for the next level, instead of showing what you need to unlock it.
- Automatic cost calculator for perk upgrades

Misc Changes

- Game now supports 10 custom character pages!
- Toilet Paper event now gives a zombo point if you keep the TP.
- One less trader event and one less familiar recruit event in the calendar cycle
- Calendar cycle shortened to 10 days instead of 11
- Special characters separated into GOOD and BAD special lists. The BAD list isn't randomly selected by TNOMEY's random special character option. It includes both characters that kind of suck, and characters that are good but time limited, making them disappointing to get if you spend 30 ZP on them.
- Hunting Rifle no longer breaks in melee
- Fixed some old instances of left/right character flipping not working correctly
- Fixed a very old bug with Friend of Dog that made it roll twice for dog
- Future support for stat average checks for the entire team.
- Set a deprecated CHARM stat to "0" (which is 3 due to being a stat).
- Future support for new locations
- Tweaks to anime girlification to work better with Anime Fan
- Tweaks to eating checks to work better with Tiny Eater, Gourmand, and weird pets
- Sumo now starts with Gourmand
- Sumo may now get Super Sumo from a rare event
- New death sayings for some characters
- Modified appearance for Skeletal Trader
- Body skeletonization now properly gives claws
- New blurbs for new characters
- Fix for Billy having an unshuffled blurb deck, another very long standing bug
- You can no longer sell Lynn's Zweihander
- Bruce and Danger Rangers tweaks to hopefully make them more stable
- Bruce and Danger Rangers houses simplified
- Trader Camp Region 5's car position altered
- Removed a useless extra 1 in longroad setup.
- Removed old code for the longer game modes that accidentally made their last few days have nonstop sieges. Woops! That bug's been in for almost a year.
- Fix for persistent echo effect
- Breaking your old car, then driving off in a new car on the same map should no longer cause the game to bug out and force you to be walking.
- Yallmart trader camp should no longer have those weird concrete patches in the Northwest corner
- Possible fix for the "character in text event staring at nothing" bug
- Fix for the bug that would cause you to lose characters if you got kicked out of a trader camp while your teammates were in a different building than you
- Lots of small fixes and small things I left out of this list
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Changelog for Update / (Windows, Linux and Mac) (added 30 June 2017):

- Events for Canada Day and July 4th added.
- Beavers are now recruitable/playable characters.
- Uncle Sam added.
- Muscle Eagle added.
- Death sayings and blurbs added for beaver, Uncle Sam, Muscle Eagle.

- Typo fix for a pessimist blurb
- Angrystrong events now count your effective strength, so bonuses apply. This means that TST*C will give these options properly.
- Calmshooter events now use effective shooting.
- Wits checks now use effective wits, just for consistency. This will never come up because there are no "wits bonuses" in the game so far.
- Total shooting skill for group checks now pass over dogs. This fixes a weird thing in the "help settlement against bandits" event, where you'll do way worse if you have a dog in the party.
- The above also applies to the other skills, except fitness.
- If you lose Mjolnir, it now returns to your trunk rather than the Valkyrie's inventory. This makes it consistent with Lnk bombs and Ninja supplies, which also used to return to those characters. All were changed because they could overwrite other weapons.
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Changelog for Update / (Windows, Linux and Mac) (added 07 August 2017):

- Fixed bad blurb logic for Bee Man
- Removed an old outdated countdown timer for Scientist that was making her leave your group after one event
- Added in a personality randomizer on game start, so your starter characters will no longer have the same personality stats each game if they're supposed to be random
- "True Katana" in weapon buyer menu changed to "Strong Katana" for consistency
- Fixed costs for the bots
- Changed Specialist and Travel Light to properly account for Gun Collector
- Surgeon now starts with Scalpel instead of Cleaver
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Changelog for Update 05.12.2017 (added 07 December 2017):

Golden Skulls
- ZP skulls added! Touch them to get them to stop laughing at you for a moment and also give you a Zombo Point.
- ZP skulls can randomly be added to loot generated in most building types.

Rare Events and Encounters
- Road Event: Cursed Treasure. Permanently screw up a character in exchange for getting a pirate cutlass or other melee weapons. Or just accept a Goblin Gift Basket or the Dingusnomicon.
- Road Event: Chainsaw Hand Replacement. Also includes complimentary Double Barrel Shotgun!
- New rank of Rare Finder added. This will let you get up to 4 rare events per game and very slightly increases their chance (currently to 4/55 or so)
- City Encounter: Sewer Rodent
- City Encounter: Department of Motor Vehicles
- DMV Event: Completely Legally Binding Name Change

New Characters
- Rare Camp Recruit: Earnestine. Wielder of the Farmer's Shotgun.
- Rare Encounter Recruit: Tortuga. Some kind of green rodent?

New Weapons
- Sai: Like the ninja's kunai, except normal characters can actually use it.
- Chainsaw Hand: The tiniest chainsaw. Very efficient, slightly less damage output, stuck to your arm forever.
- Double Barrel Shotgun: Zombie obliteration for players with a big pile of shotgun shells saved up. Double the piercing of most shotguns!
- Farmer's Shotgun: Unique double barrel shotgun with +33% damage and faster reload times.

Tweaks and Fixes
- Htdg Car and Htdg Heaven now censored.
- Htdg alternatives added.
- DON'T ASK, though I may write an explanation article for the above later.
- Text skip for mobile on touch
- Mobile adjustments for some narrow screen sizes
- Grim Reaper no longer drops his Scythe
- Removed the break chances when using the shotguns as melee weapons
- Big Dawg: Trader cost set to 35, down from 40
- Big Dawg: Piercing increased to 15%, up from 10%
- Typo fix: "the less busy side road"
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Changelog for FEMUR Update (added 30 March 2018):

The FEMUR Update adds the strongest zombie destroying weapon, a weapon that the government does NOT want you to know about.


Very strong characters that are over the usual strength maximums can now rip up previously immobile objects, with bolts flying out everywhere. TSTC and TLB fans now have more reasons to be swole.

In addition to the devastating power of newly throw-able sinks, bathtubs, and toilets, this update also adds bonesaws and a new bow and arrows weapon type. You can unlock a new perk that grants a starting bow with regenerating arrows. A fully drawn bow can sometimes send an arrow through an entire line of zombie heads!

The FEMUR Update adds a new special character that gets a bow in one weapon slot, and then a random melee weapon. This melee weapon changes every location, and can include some of the strongest weapons in the game. Or it can be a nice shovel. We've also added fixes, a new holiday event, and the ability to access the options menu through the pause screen.

EDIT 3/27: We've also done a small bonus update to add 5 new common trading camps, for 15 total! They all have new things to set them apart from the original 10 camps. The bonus update notes have been added to the update changes below.

Future Update Plans
We're planning an update some time in May, with some new content. New special character, a new location type, some new rare trading camps. This will include some new weapons and possibly common traders. By the time the May update hits, Death Road to Canada should also be out on consoles!

Then we're gearing up for the 2nd Anniversary Update in July! We're hoping to have one or two big new additions to the game ready for the Anniversary. We took a poll recently, and it looks like the two biggest requests were 4 Players in co-op and new Gameplay Modes. My top idea for a new mode is the Endless Mode idea we wanted to do before.

If we add 4 Player co-op, it would also include some features we were holding off on in hopes of doing 2 players with splitscreen first. This includes player 2 not losing control immediately if player 1 dies. We would also like to look into more co-op requests, such as making room transitions more smooth for player 2 and onward.

Update Changes

3/27 Bonus Update
- Fence of Values, with 4 traders and also a fence of some sort
- Ruined Camp, but not so ruined that it's not having a FIRE SALE!!!
- Farmhouse Camp, with a barn and dogs and hay
- Big Trading House, with a chance for bathroom reading
- Bazaar, it's the largest one now with 5 traders, gas and weapon buyer, and a campsite for getting a recruit. Its got it all
- Farm dogs that are well behaved but very aggressive against zombies
- Tsundere chicken
- Random egg chance
- Big Trading House has a 20% chance to spawn a magazine
- Ruined Trader/FIRE SALE guy is a special trader with a random inventory, some of which isn't for sale anywhere else
- Tier 1 item costs 3 food, Tier 2 is 6 food, Tier 3 is 10
- 5 tier 1 items, all supplies for about half the usual price
- 6 tier 2 items: 3 Grenades, Sturdy Machete, 5 Pipebombs, Aluminum Bat, Double Barrel Shotgun, Bow + 50 Arrows
- 7 tier 3 items: Uzi, Chainsaw, 9 Molotovs, Mega Maul, Scythe, Ultimate Log, Blowtorch XL
- Blowtorch XL is a blowtorch with extra charge
- Burning Car Wrecks now have enough hitpoints to survive burning for 3 minutes instead of destroying itself instantly
- Double Barrel Shotgun can now be sold to weapon buyer for 3 food
- The Whammer now sells for 3 food instead of 2 (still a rip off)
- Plasma Rifle name change
- Various developer notes added and a TEMPROOM scratchpad
- Moved strength trainer's dumbrack down by 1 movey, as it was getting in the way sometimes

3/12 Update
- Bow and Arrows Perk added! This will give a character a no-drop bow, which will regenerate 4/7/10 arrows when going back to the road screen, depending on level
- Special bonuses for Bow and Arrows + Specialist Trait, you get more max arrows and regenerate them twice as fast
- Special Character: Barbarian added, rare chance in trading camps
- Barbarian has a bow and arrow with 60 arrows maximum, and gets 20 arrows back per mission
- Every mission, she gets out a new weapon, with a pool of 17 different weapons for 18 total when you include her bow
- She either has +1 max strength or +1 max fitness, when recruited
- Bonesaw added, it can rarely be found in hospitals and clinics. Similar to a fireaxe, but with almost no knockdown capabilities and always cleaves an extra zombie
- Bow values tweaked. Strength and fitness make more of a difference for fatigue, fatigue is less harsh, and bows take 33% longer to draw to full power
- You can now rarely find bow and arrow sets in places with sporting and/or camping goods
- Special trading camp failure rate without City Seeker reduced from 60% to 50%
- Zombotown Rambeux has a new Haiku
- Free ZP Robot AKA the ZP Dingus now will automatically show up in Zombotown, in both Testing Branch and Debug Mode builds
- Mad Doctor Rare Trader now lets you "pick someone else" if you have 4 choices
- Some perks/traits will no longer give you a free "total heal" stat increment

Earlier February Update
- Spraying pipes added! Toilets, sinks, and bathtubs now spray water if picked up or destroyed
- Bolted furniture added! This mostly benefits TSTC characters and TL*B, giving them more stuff to pick up
- HP reduction to toilets, sinks, bathtubs
- Options Menu is now available from road and mission pause screens, replacing the old quit menu
- Quit menu is now in the in-game options menu
- Cupid event that shows up on Valentine's Day
- Cupid's arrows recharge at a rate of 10 every time you go to the road, max of 60
- Cupid Bow added! Silent and has a big piercing value at maximum draw
- Fix for the chainsaw hand event bug that would happen if you were a solo character
- Thanksgiving change to be 4th Thursday of November
- America and Canada Day both now let you skip the special character
- Grammar tweak for trade-firearms
- Phoenix trait no longer sets loyalty to max
Hey, thank you for continually working on the game! Also, Happy Easter! I have possibly found one bug though - I believe that in the past you could check your teams stats with the Esc button during random events. You can't seem to be able to do it now.
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Changelog for GIZZARD Update (added 18 June 2018):

- Added the Last Mall on Earth, a new special trading camp. Has gas trader, weapons buyer, recruit campfire, 6 random traders, and a guaranteed rare 7th trader!
- Added the ability for trading camps to force a rare trader
- Fixed a hospital generation bug
- Changed how the on-death attributes work. Now Phoenix, Shield of Hope, and the July 4th and Bort characters will not drop their weapons on resurrection.
- Adjusted a bunch of city generation code for less getting stuck on trash.
- Made that really narrow city no longer generate door-trash.
- Moody added
- New weapon support added for Rocket Launchers and Electric Tools
- New weapons for Moody: Off-Brand Plasms Rifle, Moody Launcher, Moody Chainsaw
- You can no longer sell no-drop weapons to the Weapons Buyer, partially due to how exploitable this was on Moody
- New Song Added: One More Road. Plays during credits and as a random road song.
- Snubnose Pistol will now replace normal pistols 20% of the time
- Double-barrel Shotgun will now replace normal shotguns 10% of the time
- Ruined Trading Camp/Fire Sale: Removed the flaming car that was right next to you as you spawned.
- Fix for a crash caused by completely empty rooms

Canada Crossing Changes (SPOILERS)
- Snow plows added as border gates.
- The former back line of Mounties that didn't attack/blocked your way are now above the snow plows.
- If the game detects you've never won, a Mountie now gives you a message of hope as you're running to the border gate. This text event stops showing once you beat the game in any mode.
- If you're playing on one of the "Easier Bandit" difficulties (Normal, Rare, Familiar, Long Road, Short Road), the ending zombies will stop attacking you right before THE BIG REINFORCEMENT arrives. This is mostly to stop beginning players from dying in a hilarious way.

Next Update Plans
- The next update will arrive in August, and will celebrate our 2nd Anniversary of Death Road. We have big plans for this one, including new Gameplay Modes! We will reveal more of what's going to be in this update as we get closer to the Testing Branch for it.
- Many of the features are dependent on how things go in testing, but you can see our current plans on the Trello:
- Not all of the plans under Anniversary Update may make it, but this is what we're shooting for!
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Changelog for HUMERUS Update (added 06 November 2018):

New Changes 11/4
- Fixed a bug where stacking charge-use weapons (like the healing spray) in the trunk from an equip slot could crash the game
- Fix for weirdness with equipped weapon slots when locked weapons were involved
- Moody will again sometimes murder the entire group, but he values his rocket launcher less now so he will do so rarely-ish
- 6 strength TSTC characters and up can now yank pay phones out and throw them
- Dying in the Tutorial (or Zombotown if that was possible) will no longer delete one of your saves

New Changes 10/29
- The game now remembers who the leader was on the next mission. So if Player 2 was leader, they will retain leadership in the next mission.
- All players now will get to retain who they were controlling at the start of the next mission.
- When they're selecting a character to control, non-leader players can now choose to take over the characters of other players. The player swap indicator in the top right will have extra symbols to warn you that you're booting someone off their character.
- Non-leader players can now take over the leader's character. This will give them leadership. This gives a way to swap which player is leader, which was missing before.
- Fixed a bug where certain weapons would drop on death, when they weren't supposed to. This mostly affected weapons with charges, like the bow and arrow. Also Giga Mann's Blaster.
- Moody will again sometimes murder the entire group, but he values his rocket launcher less now so he will do so rarely-ish
- 6 strength TSTC characters and up can now yank pay phones out and throw them

Major Features
- The game now supports up to 4 players at a time!
- Joystick can now be unassigned from Player 1 and assigned to Player 2 instead
- 3 new gameplay modes added!
- Endless Mode in. Let me know how far you get!
- Over Powered Party Mode added. This lets you start in a special map that lets you recruit any rare character in the game
- Quick Death Mode added. It's Short Trip to Heck, but with the difficulty tripled
- Removed the "pick a new character" text event when the leader is killed. Now it works similarly to how joining in as a multiplayer buddy would work, meaning you should be able to choose a new character more seamlessly. This only takes one second to kick in
- In multiplayer, player-controlled characters will teleport to the leader's room after one second. This was done to drastically reduce the waiting time when the other players are inactive. This is turned off if the character is grabbed
- Event Picker Cursor splits into P1 through P4 cursors as players join, all can be used
- Players 2-4 now have more control over menu choices. Whoever picks first makes the choice
- If the leader dies and there is another player, the leadership will go to that player. Camera will swap over, they will get pause menu control, and the Leader crown will pop over their head
- OPP mode has a FORBIDDEN HUT that lets you recruit characters that may break the game. Have fun with that, but also NO REFUNDS
- Special ending wave tweaks for OPP. The ending fight takes about twice as long as in other modes. I may later also make the harder modes have a longer ending fight wave, such as in KEPA Mode
- Endless Mode shows your days in, instead of days left
- Endless Mode tracks your highest day reached in the game mode select screen
- The game will run a quick check to clear your control settings to make them compatible with the new 4-player changes.

Tweaks and Fixes
- The ability to press escape to quit a menu added to more menus, for now mostly the supply and weapon traders.
- Changed effect of camp2-zwatch for Sound Sleepers that have no loyalty
- Text adjustments in camp2-bwatch and camp3-trap for Sound Sleepers
- Weegee event now gives a different effect for the fire result if Fireproof
- Fix for the walking event with the yelling car, which would have a reveal error if you had an Oblivious character
- Car Detour event no longer nukes your gas if you're in a 0 gas consumption car
- Irritating Trademark Weapon is now a recharging Air Horn
- IRRITATION HORN has 20 charges for maximum cooling it
- Revamped recruit system on recruit-yes and recruit-replace, now most will give "pick more" with a full group and let you cancel the recruit.
- Exceptions to above: Familiar Face recruiting, which uses a different system that would have problems with this. Recruiting dogs by feeding them and recruiting rare camp recruits, which have food costs, so the game forces you as to not waste the food.
- Jerk recruiting uses the new system, but it probably shouldn't? Not sure.
- Changed two recruit1 events to no longer use the old "3 choices or leave behind system", as the new system makes this even more obsolete.
- Removed nodeathdrop from Rambeaux
- Buffed Ninja-countdown from 4-5 to 6-8
- Moody will no longer use his Rocket Launcher if he's controlled by the AI. I did NOT agree with this change, but did it grudgingly.

Next Update Plans
- Updates after this and the upcoming small update will happen every 2-3 months or so. We're mostly going to add small things, like some events or characters each update. This should help keep the game fresh as we finally delve into a followup or sequel game. More news on this as we figure things out!
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The KIDNEY Update has landed on GOG (offline installer on 28. Sep. 2020):
-> kidney_update_41508

Here is the info from Steam about that update:


PROBLEM (experienced under GNU/Linux with Kidney Update 41508):
I can launch the game, change to fullscreen, exit.
But I can not start or unlock - both react only graphically for the button, nothing happens.
The former version Humerus Update 24950 works fine for me ...

I contacted the developers and will put any information below ... in case others experience
the same problem.

- - -
Added on 30.03.2021:
In the meantime this got an entire thread here:
but without any clue or feedback from the developers ...
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Thanks for the changelog. It is great to see another update. Does it include the content from the previous update that did not end up on GOG?

There are some issues with music in this version - there's a separate thread for that.
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The LIVER Update has landed on GOG (offline installer on 08. April 2021):
-> liver_update_46139

Here is the info from Steam about that update:


Major changes:
  o multiplayer co-op features: complete revamp of the character select process
  o MORE HATS added
  o Two new game modes, both of which are based on letting you start with 4 characters instead of the usual two.

In 2 or 3 months from now, we're launching another Death Road to Canada update. This one will be focused more on Perks, and also add more locations to the game. After that, we're planning another update 2-3 months after that one hits.

We're launching a new game in October, called Cannibal Crossing. It has some similarities to Death Road, but is more focused on faster-paced action and base-building in an open world.

# JMB: And before asking: Yes, now it starts on Linux (like humerus - but unlike kidney: RIP) ... it's magic ! ;)