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After many hours spent researching how to get the GOG version of Deadly Premonition Director's Cut to accept my Xbox One controller on Windows 10, I have finally found a solution that works though it requires Steam.

Note that I already have DP Fix installed so your mileage may vary if you do not. I suggest checking out a few recent guides over on the Steam forums to get the game working as best it can on Windows 10/11.

As for getting the Xbox controller working, you will need to do the following:

1. Enable the setting "Enable Steam Input for Xbox controllers" from your settings menu within Steam. Steam > Settings > Controllers > Enable Steam Input for Xbox controllers (see attachment)

2. Add DP.exe to Steam. You can do this by going clicking up the top of Steam on Games > Add a Non-Steam Game to my Library > Browse > [Your Deadly Premonition Directory]/DP.exe > Add Selected Programs

3. Right click on the shortcut you have created in Steam from your Library. Rename the shortcut 247660 (this is the Steam ID number for the game). Once you have done this, it should look like the attached image.

4. Click on "Controller Layout" just beneath the Play button from the main page (see attachment). Note: if you do not see this option, you may have to launch the game once through Steam for it to appear.

5. From the Controller Layout settings, click on your current (default) layout > Community Layouts > Deadly Premonition Controller+ > Apply Layout. See attachment for how it should look.

6. Launch the game using Steam. Everything should now be good to go.

Notes/Additional Troubleshooting:
- I do not run the game as Administrator or in Compatibility Mode as some people online have suggested.
- I am using the GOG version with latest update.
- Make sure you have enabled your controller using DPLauncher.exe if you are having issues.

- Some people have also suggested making sure your controller is set as the default in Windows 10. To check this, in Windows 10, type "Controllers" in the Windows start bar, then select "Set up USB Game Controllers" then click advanced. Select the controller and hit okay. Some older games (such as Deadly Premonition) require your controller to be set as the preferred device in Windows to work.
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