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low rated
I'd say i've done half of the game. Right now i have to track some suspect, in a car, at 15 MPH. AGAIN. because THE GAME CRASHED AT THE END OF THIS AWFUL SEQUENCE.
Honestly there are some good ideas in this game, and it could be enjoyable if it was not just a technically broken piece of sh*t. But that's too much.

The game is ugly and clunkuy, okay, the developers have little talent that's for sure, but it's not really a big deal. There was still a good feel to it, i really felt i was some FBI agent in a redneck town trying to solve a murder case. Even though the "openness" of the world is just an illusion because you are most of the time stuck by the timeline of the main storyline. I liked it and wanted to see the end.

The problem is with the crashes. Most of the people won't be able to finish it because they won't have the knowledge or will to tweak the game endlessly so that they can just go past a cutscene that would otherwise crash the game.

There is no way that should be a sellable product. I am so happy i spent 1€ for it because it's worth 0.

If you want to play it, get it on console. Not here, not on Steam. You're going to waste your money.
Dear schouffy - game is playable, of cause, with bugs, but I complete GOG-version 3 times. Check your PC.