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My wife was playing DP, and the computer rebooted in Chapter 16 when the hero was driving after talking to Harry (the wheelchair guy). Next time she tried to load the game, York was under the map and fell to his death. He actually has enough time to get out his radio and try to teleport, but this doesn't work – the game tried to load, but then we get "Investigation failed" anyway. Is there any way to get out of this with minimal disruption? (We already got the full walkthrough save, but finishing the game in replay mode is kinda not the same, not to mention you can't save during chapters when replaying.)
We also tried the Win98 compatibility and disabling DPFix. No luck
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Here's the list of checks that helped me finish this game with 1 crash throughout:

I can't say that it will help, you might end up having to manually select the chapter 16 thing from your save (like you wanted to avoid by the sounds?). Best of luck, it's all gonna come together soon.

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