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Changelog for Update 1.5.4 (29 June 2020 / added 03 July 2020):

- Added: Warning popups when you would override an existing run
- Improved: Increased loot range and speed
- Improved: Reduced volume and range of burst / inferno bomb sound
- Fixed: Custom weapon Lightning bullet could sometimes just lie on the ground
- Fixed: Lifeguard could break feeding routine
- Fixed: Loading screen when equipping “Rat trap” item
- Fixed: Some lootable things didn’t shine
- Fixed: Summary would show wrong amount for tools
- Fixed: Typos in German localization
- (Potentially) Fixed: Flickering of UI

Standalone installers updated ( ⇒ 1.5.4): 03 July 2020.
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Changelog for Update 1.5.5 (no date / added 28 October 2020):

- Added: Traditional chinese localization
- Improved: Too many instances of freeze, bomb and drone sounds which oversteered
- Fixed: Items and powers could not be upgraded with controller on first selection
- Fixed: Survivor level up via apples could not work on first controller selection
- Fixed: Rare case where UI would not be presented after finishing wave

Standalone installers not updated.

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Changelog for Update 1.5.7 (23 October 2020 / added 28 October 2020):

- Added: Hovering over lootable objects now shows you which survivors is assigned
- Added: Option for switching to a non-pixelized font
- Improved: Health bares are now prioritized in rendering (thanks to GuN)
- Improved: Speed up loot hover animations (thanks to GuN)
- Improved: Some Korean localization
- Improved: Username rendering falls back to general use font if character is not in font atlas
- Fixed: Issue where map could not be left when using krypta and laser swords (thanks to Lord Chris)
- Fixed: Hoarder achievement not being unlocked (thanks to Optio)
- Fixed: Achievements earned offline not being synced with STEAM (thanks to huhuhuhuhu)
- Fixed: Issues when upgrading powers or items when using controller
- Fixed: One boss caught in endless explosion loop when using custom weapon with explosive bullets

Standalone installers updated:
- 24 September 2020: 1.5.4 ⇒;
- 28 October 2020: 1.5.4 ⇒
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Standalone installer updated: [Windows, MAC] ⇒

Hi survivors,
we just released patch 1.6.

Improvements and Changes
• Improved: When you sell a weapon you remain on the inventory page
• Improved: Tutorial + Intro are skippable now
• Improved: Vampire spawns bat immediately after joining the team
• Improved: Drone swarm stays on map for a short time before following the bus
• Improved: Upgrading a custom weapon in workshop gives you a popup now with insufficient tools
• Improved: Changed Pixelsplit intro (dark instead of white now)
• Improved: Several minor performance improvements

• Fixed: Sometimes invulnerability display for remaining time showed the count value of the calculator item instead
• Fixed: Weapon based daily mod clashing with vice item
• Fixed: Challenge mode modifiers could be enabled during normal game sometimes
• Fixed: Custom weapons were copied sometimes with the printer item
• Fixed: Rare case where survivors could die in tutorial
• Fixed: German loca for newspaper items now tells about mission selection lock mechanic
• Fixed: Some typos

Thanks for everyone who reported bugs and gave feedback! If you have any further feedback or bug reports feel free to join our Discord or just use the STEAM discussions.