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hi, i decided to try the game when it was on sales, reason was the game has some 'sensation' effects
thats the effects the guy gets sometimes in the game.

I wonder if it would be possible to include an option on the menu to 'skip' the sensations, that is those nasty static screens, flickering and the weird color sensations.
That would be an on/off button (on by default ).
When checked the game save the setting.

I asked for a similar thing long time ago on steam for Xulima, more people had asked about option for seperate weather effects, so i got lucky that it was incorporated in the next patch, it was regarding lightning (fullscreen)now that i can turn it of in the settings file (text) i can play that game. So thanks once again Xulima team.

If you could please add same thing for this game.
The game might end weird but i think its not that bad, but in order to be able to play the game at all i do need those seizure invoking sensations the guy has, to be able to be switched of..

I hope you can add this or if possible make it adjustable in some form of a settings. txt file or something similar.
Post edited March 23, 2016 by gamesfreak64