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Anyway to "fix" Dead Space so it installs and runs properly on the latest version of Wine?

I recently tried installing it and got a runtime error. The installation wizard said that the game installed successfully, so I launched it.

The screen resolution changed and the mouse disappeared but I could see the desktop two black bars, one on the right and one on the left.

I alt+tabbed to another window (the Pictures folder) and back. A black square shows up on the left top corner of my screen blocking out that section of my desktop and after I closed Dead Space, it disappeared.

I'm going to head over to the Wine database and see whether there are any proposed solutions.
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I have found no solutions to make this game run on Wine so far. Anyone got any solutions?

I have tried playing with winecfg but it did nothing to solve the issue.
I've personally never had success getting games to run well on linux through wine.

I did manage to get some running with something called PlayOnLinux though. It's a frontend for wine that streamlines the installation process for several games. Here's a guide:

Hopefully that helps.
That guide is quite outdated and has you install a bunch of unnecessary overrides. There is an entry for this in the Wine thread in General. Game is platinum (e.g. install and play). However adamhm mentions adjusting game settings to make it play better.
here it runs on ubuntu 18.04, open-source driver with amd graphics card and default wine version .