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The game consistently crashes when the first achievement is unlocked during the prologue. The error output suggests that it is tied to registering the problem with Galaxy.

Anyone else seen the same? Found a solution?

Consistently a crash occurs once I reach the first achievement. Error message:

InvalidStateError: No stat data retrieved for user 46988196922581908
Galaxy.Api.IStats.SetAchievement (System.String name)
GogGalaxyManager.SetAchievement (System.String name)
Achievements.CheckAchievements (.Statistic value)
Stats.IncreaseStat (Parameter statToInc, Int32 amount, Boolean fixedValue)
Stats.IncreaseStat (.Statistic stat, Boolean checkQuest)
Combatant.WasKilled (.Damage dmg)
ZombieCombatant.WasKilled (.Damage dmg)
Combatant.DealDmgToCurrentHP (.Damage mDamage)
CombatManager.TakeDamage (.Damage dmg, .Combatant defender)
CombatController.DoHitAnimation (.Combatant dude, .Damage dmg, .BuffOnRecDmg counter)
CombatController.NextHit ()
CombatController.Update ()
This question / problem has been solved by ERISSimage
No problem. Maybe verify the game files.
ERISS: No problem. Maybe verify the game files.
That fixed my issue. I’ve never had to do that with a game before so learned something new.