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Hey Guys, I picked up the darksiders on sale recently and have been playing through the first game. I usually get an hour or two in then it will shut my laptop off completely. There's no problems loading or doing anything and my laptop doesn't seem to be over-heating. Any ideas?
Is it plugged in while you're playing?

If not, then it's probably the battery being drained fast and possibly the power settings shutting down your laptop to preserve battery power. This is nothing surprising considering the amount of battery power required to make any kind of semi-demanding 3d game run.
Had exactly the same and solved it, due to other people's suggestions. First step: Set your laptop power plan/schedule to either balanced with default settings, or conserving power with default settings. Remove battery and use the laptop only with cable plugged to power source. Enter your graphic's card control panel and FORCE V-SYNC ON! Enter game, select V-SYNC on in there too, select a lower screen resolution and you are good to go!

If this happens on other games too, especially much older ones, or if this keeps getting at you despite doing ALL of the above, then laptop most probably needs an opening, cleaning of air vents, removing of dust and repatching it together. Absolutely seek professional help on that one.