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Is it my idea, or a new bug stops your game progression, after patch? Karkinos doesn't seem to become vulnerable when hit by the boulder... Anyone else having the same issue? In normal 2, i had no issue dealing with him. Did deathinitive alter his strategy, the mechanisms of that fight, or simply, he is erroneously invulnerable to the hurled boulder effect?


Solved! At long last!

What i did, in case other people have the same glitch in their game:

1) Resolution set to 640x480.
2) Vibrations set to OFF.
3) V-Sync set to ON.
4) Nothing else changed or tampered with.

This time, FIRST boulder awakened Karkinos NORMALLY! And the next hurls worked as they should, mid distance, full force throw, target on shell or its sideways (not legs)!

Maybe it has to do with starting a new save file and purging the old one... Maybe not, i don't know! I tried 640x480 before with V-Sync on and honestly, i really doubt vibrations option tab has ANYTHING to do with this problem, even in the slightest...

At long last, i can finally savor the complete Darksiders 2 experience!
Post edited January 29, 2016 by KiNgBrAdLeY7