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Well, i got a necro (ghouls distract nicely enemies for me to backstab them to death, tank well and even do damage) death. I wear one of those flashy DLC armor sets which also has a life steal on hit effect, which works really well, too (frequent activation). I chose the one appropriate for my playstyle, too (boosting arcane etc). But i reached a place i cannot get through. I end up spending all my potions and dying. I cannot activate reaper form. I used it a very long time ago, yet still, not even HALF the meter has filled. There are like 5-6 (maybe more?), construct sentinels. After the 3-4 one, the construct minions are champions and deal terrible damage. Plus sentinels themselves fly a lot and fly very high, too.

I am in that room in Forgotten Temple and i am stuck for good. I know the tactics required, but does not work for me. I mean, i cannot fight 3 champions at the same time and the sentinel, too, felling the champions so the sentinel becomes vulnerable, attack it for little damage, feel that beast the champion again, rinse and repeat like 4-5 times, this is IMPOSSIBLE!

Any advice, please, any help? Not even Karkinos gamestopped me so terribly like that... Should i backtrack to Vulgrim, respec to Harbinger (for life steal teleport slash etc) and try again? Please help, i am trapped?
1) What level are you?

The DLC stuff is mostly effective from level 5 (when you can equip it) to level 10, after that it starts being less useful than the decent stuff that drops.

2) If you're at the fight I think you are, then it's definitely one of the tougher not-actual-boss battles in the Forge Lands. It may be worthwhile to retreat for now and do some of the side dungeons (you should be able to complete the Shattered Forge at least) to get some levels and possibly gear. And build up your Reaper meter.

I remember having a lot of trouble with it the first time around myself.

3) You may want to focus your gear on defense, health, health regeneration and possibly some resistance instead of arcane. Arcane may help you kill faster, but that doesn't help if you can't kill fast enough to survive.

4) The sentinels, as far as I remember, will drop their shields and attack directly below them if you stand there. You can then dodge out and jump up to slash them to bits. They take a couple of times doing that to take one out, but it is iirc the way that worked best for me.

5) Experiment with secondary weapons. Some types of secondaries work in ways that make them more useful than others against certain enemies.
Thanks for the suggestions... Replacing my gear with dropped items (had some blues around) worked. Plus, stupid me, i found out i could actually SHOOT with pistol the damn sentinels, without the need to kill minion constructs. Their shield is very annoying, still.

Thanks again! Now i am at the Foundry!